Wanted: your used iTunes Giftcards ! :-)


If you own used iTunes Giftcards, please let me know (info@gaia-technologies.org), and tell me your price, or donate them as a present/donation to our Organisation.


You can send them personally to me (founder of Gaia Technologies Org):


Danyel Gloser

Untergasse 3

D-61250 Usingen (Germany)


I have several plans with that cards. Thank your for everthing. Be patient, It will be funny ! 😀

Welcome to the Forums ! :-)

I just created a quick & dirty BB for your discussions and your needs, a platform to interchange and meet each other. :-)Wordpress is a little bit tricky and not so perfect in use, but it works and it is quick and direct. I LOVE IT ! Thank you for your potential and investment.

You will find it by the new forums here:


Have fun & see you !

Scaling your Teeth – A perfect way for better health & hygiene :-)

Hello Folks !

This is my most used Instrument the day  ->

I have it always with me. I am in absolute need of this, because the rests of nutrition between my teeth do hurt me and it nerves extreme, when you have  some lost meat between an into a gums bag. And your orale hygiene is much better, much less halitosis and the perfect base for a tooth brush action. 🙂

In a few hours you can buy a special version from my local partner in Germany, here over Gaia Technolgies Org, and start the training I will begin in a few hours or days. I have to give you a workout and you don’t need to fear about hurting you, just try slowly and be gentle, like always. Learning by doing. Your dentist will be happy !

The provision of this deal will finance the costs of the project and this site. You will get a detailed information about all costs & deals, soon, so that you always informed what I have done with any funds.  A transparency report. Currently I invest my own private equity, and of my job (http://www.der-edv-hausmeister.de) and all leaved materia in form of Computers., tools, software licenses etc.

e.g. ->

Energy costs are currently about €70.-/month, Telecomunications is about €150.- for a redundant Cable/DSL connction with max. Upload and Mobile connectivity. Server costs are about €30.- per month, incl. Virtualization. My Google Server with 10TB capacity is at €99.-.

But I can’t finance urgent tools and equipment any longer out of my own pocket, because some clients have not paid their bills, and now is the time to set our project on a solid  financial base. Also the next big project of buying a cattle family of about 30 animals and their long time support. That’s about min. €50.000 for the deal, and then transport etc., I need investors ! Just let me know if you can help me. 🙂

You also can do a private support here:


Every private investment over €10.- will have a present in form of my current album “Decade” in effect. You can listen here into the album ->


A sale over Bandcamp will bring actually aboout €8.- netto and is directly funded in my personal know Children in Africa.  Also every provision when you license my music here ->



Thank you, over and out ! 🙂

Please also visit my private Blog ! Thank you. ♥

Hello Family !

Thank your for your every day new & fresh support by registering new to our site to save our dumb asses.

I created recently a private Blog. There you wil find some interesting and stunning stuff. Material, that I collected for over 20 years, for now. Some cultural, some scientific, some funny, and some important, but also some ugly things from my personal life. That all counts. The ugly things would better have been not gone through, but whsat doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, someone said a few centuries before. You can find the new and personal Blog here:


I would appreciate that you begin to discuss with me. By writing some stuff into my forums. Or comments. Because I currently don’t know why you really registered my Gaia Organisation, and I really need YOUR support. ♥

Thanx, people. See you ‘later. Or just call.

SRB-Technology (Solid Rocket Booster) revealed – cleaner & more efficient possible ?

Okay. Now something very funny for you. 😀

What we have learned about me, Danyel Gloser, is that this 44 yo guy is strengthly naive. He’s thinking most times in a very simplificated way of all matters. Yes, I am naive. In my mind and my heart I am just a child. A youngster. A BOY. Just a BOY. But I love to be such a boy. A boy within a 44yo man. 😀

So, yesterday I was discussing on Facebook with some specialists about the old common Space Shuttle Technology ->


And so I decided to talk to the NASA-Staff, via “facebook contacting/connecting” some important people. 😀


Here my message to Paul Robertson ->

Hello Paul !

Sorry for my inconventional tries to get in contact with a NASA technology professional.

I have some crazy ideas to discuss, and I’d love to speak with someone who would tell me: “Boy, you’re totally dumb & insane, p*** off.”

Or someone who has the BOY still in himselves, and is also dreaming of the healthy, clean and wonderful smelling “Magnesium Hydroxide Silicon Lemonestheracid Sugar Drops Bonbon SRB-Booster for the Shuttle”.

MHSL-Booster Technology.

Possible ?

I’m not very familiar with chemicals, and I do not have a laboratory for testing what happens with some goods, but I think a flamable supressant could also react in the opposite direction by using a catalysator. Just an idea. Don’t know what all is needed, and aluminium is still a very unhealthy option, though it’s kinetic impulse is still the highest by burning it in the current SRB-technology. Perhaps we can create a GEL of different compounds, and bring the reaction heat under control with some… unconventionality ? Hydrogen, Oxygen & Nitrogen attached molecules ?

Hope to hear from you, soon !

And – just take a closer look into my humouristic science & politics Blog ->



Hm, the Shuttle’s SRB used to use Aluminium. Still the new ones for Ares. Not very healthy when you breath it in. But very powerful. Very. Highest Kinetic Impulse of all natural elements.

The Space Shuttle is my all time favourite in Space vesseling. The Shuttle is:

1.) elegant

2.) beautiful

3.) efficient

4.) for sure, very, very complex (about 1 million single parts)

5.) currently, the most versatile space craft men ever created

6.) a diva twen. She needs to be married by some younger boys like Ares or so. 😉

7.) currently not perfect, but we will see, how to teach her some more safety. 🙂



So, People !
Dreaming of the healthy, clean and wonderful smelling
“Magnesium Hydroxide Lemonestheracid Sugar Drops Bonbon SRB-Booster for the new reborn Space Shuttle”. <3
Possible ? 😀
Hope to hear from you, soon !
My very best regards, sincerely yours
Danyel Gloser
♫ ♫  ♫ ♫
Mobile: +49 157 3937 5152
Skype: future_former


(Not only) USA Today – Heroine

Just a very short novel about the Heroine problem worldwider.

If I’d be a Psychiatrist or a Doctor, I would give a heroine or drug abuse patient@first a place to live and to calm. A safe place, without any hassle or abuse of his emotions.

Then I would cure him softly with MORPHIUM.

Or better: with a medicine of the best essences of he wonderful Black Moon, called “Black Poppy” in english. I would create an vegetable (salad ?) oil of it’s ingredients, sophisticated with some Bruglasia vulcania or any other sister of this little musician… 🙂 And I would also add all the flowers of this planet, in any amount that I can get@moment. Just by doing it right.

If I’d need morphium, every day a little bit less, until all the BIO-Food and especially my FLOWER in my hospital at the beach or in the mountains or in the wood at a lake in… somewhere over the rainbow, would have cured healed the hurt that he had to take by another.

And I would be there for him, every second when he would need me. I would ask his questions, just good as I could. And if I could not, I’d try to fix this issue of my own dumbness, that I had not enough power to protect him from his abuse. But I will fix.


That’s all. Thank you.

♥ ♫ ♫   ♫ ♫ ♥