As far as you know, Gaia Technologies is  a private (NGO) Organization and in future an official Company for Consulting and Environment Technology Developement, with currently officially one member, me (Danyel Gloser).

To be able to blog and develope new ideas and technologies, I have to finance my little project, as like other projects are financed by some funds. Money makes the world go round, and money is not bad, at all. Money is a factor for manpower, and so I need some bucks to fill the holes. You will see that every income created via your donation will be officially released, and all purposes what I will do with the funds will also be totally open and free released, regulary.

You can fund some bucks here ->

and also via the Paypal-Button on the top of this page. Thank you very much for your efforts and keep on your good support ! 🙂



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