Nuclear = New Clear ? Safety = Say Faithy. :-)

“Oh, darling, it look’s such romantic !” πŸ˜‰

But we still have the same issues. People in politics are NUTS, they are totally insane. As decades before, we still have too many classic Nuclear Power Plants, and they are still breeding different isotopes for usage in nuclear weaponary systems.

Why ?

Nobody, absolutely NOBODY needs an atomic accident or any kind of Nuclear Assault Armament, called “Nukes”. Or do you like to get this ugly program presented, one time ? ->


One of the most important movies, ever.

It will be the last day on earth for mankind. No more TV shows or movies, anymore. We all would die a sudden and most painful horrorfying death. We would have no, absolutely no chance to survive. So we must not accept that risk, anymore. Wake up !!!

Better let’s make big sums of money, worth. Saved manpower. And build:

“Paradise on Earth”.Β  πŸ˜€


We could use all that fuel for a relatively SAFE & SECURE,Β  and also CO2 neutrale generation of electric energy, if we do it right. It is correct, that the production of renewable energy ressources like solar plants and wind power uses large amouts of electric energy, and we need a CO2-neutrale primary energy source. It is also correct that we have to decide whether to use that nuclear fuel we already own or to throw it away. Better, let’s get usage of that treasure, IMHO.

If you really understood the international politics and orders, it’s ALL about energy and ressources.

Example given Libya was one of the most civlized and developed nations in North Africa, when Muhatmar Gadafi was the leader of this country. They ad minerale oil ressources, which were able to be sold on the international market, and also to be used developing Libya’s own infrastructure and so people’s power.

We have got the same situation now in Yemen. The country has rich reserves of copper, nickel, lead, gold, coal, marble, rock salt and petroleum. Yemen is highly dependent on its declining oil resources for revenue. Petroleum exports contribute to nearly 25% of the GDP growth and 70% of the government revenue. The GDP of the country was estimated to be $58.71 billion in 2011.
Yemen has tried to diversify its economy by initiating an economic reform program in 2006 to strengthen the non-oil sectors of the country and its foreign investment. As a result, the country exported its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) in October 2009.

Now we have famine and still war.

There’s a solution, and this won’t be proliferation or really. The USA and also RUS could install & sale their enormeous ressources of Plutonium and Uranium.

“Rescue me !”


Currently, we see a revival of nuclear energy, especially in the USA, and also worldwide are new nuclear power plants constructed. The faillure is, that those power plants still use a critical concept, which means that the reactor could fall into a overcritial state in cause of it’s concept, e.g. the reators of Tchernobyl or Fukushima.

We have to avoid that states of faillure. We have to avoid the next meltdown of a Power Plant, and the exposition of nuclear material.


I still propose to use Uranium and Plutonium, for clean energy production already in a very early article here on Gaia Technologies ->

Unlimited Cheap & Safe Energy:

Imagine -> right at this moment, we own worldwide estimated about 14,000 metric tons of reactor- (about 14,000 metric tons) and weapon grade Uranium & Plutonium (1,000 metric tons) high enriched and so already prepared for energy generation.

And there’s a much higher amount of spent fuel that we currently still call “waste”…!


It is a pure catastrophe ! We are richer than Dagobert Duck, personally, but we waste our efforts and our most precious materials, our primary fuel capacities (minerale oil, for the mining and production processes of more & more fresh fuel), just for burning lifetime and money, away.

Better, let’s burn our STOCKPILE within a safe and reliable reactor !

Better, let’s make hollidays ! πŸ˜€


Or don’t we deserve ?

Reflecting. As far as I can see, nobody wants to construct a large Power Plant within a mountain massive, currently My idea was a little bit naive, but I still stand behind. Only this locations would be really safe !

But we have other choices to increase and enhance safety.

Since these days in school, I am developing a new reactor concept, that would be safe and relieable, and would also make usage of nuclear waste. I am currently still in the developing phase, but the concept is ready. You can take a look at my ideas at ->

I, personally, prefer a much smaller design, so that it is not needed to use as much fuel as in other concepts. Also, I still prefer Mercury as a cooling liquant, even it is not as performant like molten salt liquids, but much safer. The issue with a much higher steam pressure is not a real question, because we will have self cooling, self circulating cooling liquant cycle, which is operating in much cooler ranges than the Pressurizes Water Fast Breeders. This means safety in first. And also we won’t harm our most precious water.


There a other new companies like NuScale (, that are developing new types of reactors, the SMR (Small Modular Reactor). NuScale is a business partner, and I hope we will set up my own concept one time.

This SMR technology is in principals a very good idea, because now it is possible to reveal classic nuclear power plant sites, and reconstruct them, based on a grid of that small reactors types from companies, which already have (working) concepts in the review of the US Atomic Energy Agency, DOE (Departement Of Energy).

We really, really need smaller reactor sizes, and upgrade existing Power Plants to that small battery grid array concept, that my business partners and I always purposed.


The economic advantage is SAFETY & EFFICIENCY. The smaller reactors are producing only as much energy that is needed and not more. A little village or town is able to get it’s own power plant for very small costs.

– A grid of these batteries is much more efficient than a large reactor
– It’s scalable
– They burn nearly every fuel, also classic nuclear waste (my own concept)
– If one battery needs to get repaired or maintenanced, you don’t need to shut down the whole power plant.
– The power plant or reactor could never get into a failure status, it could never come to an accident. If the modules or batteries are working UNDERCRITICAL, so they don’t need to be cooled nor could melt down.
– We don’t need Uranium & Plutonium in any form for nukes, anymore !!!

If politics don’t change, change politics… πŸ™‚

Facing nuclear reality, 35 years after The Day After


It is a good start thatΒ  companies like NuScale are working on more safe reator types. But I favourite my own battery concept, because they burn the nuclear fuel at very low temperatures (low range under 125Β°C),. And so the fuel could easily get transmutated in a long term way. It safes fuel, it safes costs for maintenance, and the price for buying one of these small reactors is also very low., because of it’s simplicity.


So what we need now is a new way of public politics and social engagement against nuclear weaponary. We need to stand up and discuss, we need to urge the politics to bring that totally dumb system of an OVERKILL to an end, for all times last. We could make so much more of that precious material, they are wonderful fascinating metals, Plutonium and Uranium. Look ! ->


But we MUST not any longer abuse with them by building Atomic Weapons. It is much to expensive at all. Remember; there were totally insane politicians in the United States of Amercia, also under Obama, which have decided to renovate and modernize the US American stockpile for about 4 Trillion U$.

That is a sum of ->

U$ 4,000,000,000,000.-

For what ??? We already have paid about 40 Trillions minimum for the existing and past stockpile !!! This money is thrown out of the window, we need to STOP that idioty. It is not any longer an option to own nuclear weapons, never in such large scales like the atomic weapon states own. It’s too dangerous, too expensive, it’s insane !



Take a look again into my first written article regarding nuclear energy and the worth of the U$ american stockpile’s fuel, again… think about, what is worth more…?



If politics don’t change, change politics… :-)

(A german article, written tonight in the Telepolis-Forums, quickly translated with the help of Aunty Google. Thank ya !)

I founded my little NGO about a year ago. Gaia Technologies; Science, Fiction & Politics of Mother Earth.

On my side I present current problems and their potential solutions sometimes quite humorous, sometimes very naive but always with a scientific background and clear expertise.

Politically, you can really only change something for the better, if you find enough hearing. As an individual, this is only the case if you have great economic influence, because it is still the economy and thus the money that keeps our human world going and determines everyday life as well as the immediate and indirect future.

Take a look, for example Visionaries like Steve Jobs. If my big role model had not been so keen on personal computing back then, we still might not enjoy a free global exchange of information and opinions today. For freedom and democracy, the invention of the personal computer was, in my opinion, synonymous with book printing.

I’m not only very connected to Steve Jobs in addition to Apple’s classic computers, e.g. the iPhone, which I wanted then, just before it appeared. Anyone who believes in telepathy or not can laugh at me, but I had a very strong mental connection to Steve since I was 14 years old.
At that time, we discussed about computers like the NeXT systems, and so around 2004/2005 Steve asked me, how one could call a universally usable Multidevice based on a telephone, marketing-technically. When I replied succinctly why he would not call it simply synonymous with the iMac “iPhone”, he just laughed and thanked me warmly. In 2006 the hitherto most ingenious phone in world history was published. Incidentally, Philips Reis came from Friedrichsdorf / Taunus, a town in the immediate vicinity where I used to live as a 5-year-old … πŸ˜‰

I have revised the iPhone again and would like to invite you to look at my Developement page the “Apple iPhone Science X” ->

It is the logical development of the previous concept, but this time the focus is not on multimedia, but to encourage just children and young people, especially in developing countries to simultaneously playfully AND scientifically to deal with their environment and so solutions to find problems we adults just could not see so far.

My goal is to become the new CEO of Apple through the development of this device and get some extra money by licensing this revolutionary concept. With this money, I would then of course promote my projects such as the ocean rescue and athmosphere rescue and start the first major implementation actions. Of course, even with a $ 250 billion sales sum for the “iPhone Science X”, I will not be able to handle it all by myself, because the proceeds from the sale of my technology are far from over; you need to realize it yes, workers and, above all, skilled workers.

If everything comes as planned Apple will have to make the deal, because this new iPhone should be a blockbuster. Children and adolescents in our western countries will have to develop apps, adults want to dig deep into their pockets as before, everyone will want to own it. The kids and teens in the developing countries will get it nearly for free, if not for nothing, because anyone who wants it will have an agreement with Apple, to use its potential to develop the best apps in the world.

In return, the interested party gets a completely flexible instrument in his hand, with which he can do the most extensive tasks. Since you can connect EVERY other device to the “Science X” via adapter, it is also possible to connect keyboard, mouse, screen, music keyboard, whatever, and use the device as a music studio, for example. Especially on the African continent, one desperately wants to find the connection to modern music, which has so far failed because of the possibilities of modern composition and recording.

Furthermore one can of course speak with the “Science X” of the ideal instrument for the school, the teaching and the university. In medicine, the Science X will be practically indispensable with the right apps, agriculture and small businesses will benefit directly from this device, since all important parameters with the “Science X” can be measured, evaluated, logged and exchanged.


Furthermore, I currently have a very nice revolution in the data storage market on offer and am already negotiating with Seagate and Western Digital … it’s about the fastest hard drive in world history ! You will also find this funny project on my Developement page, this morning I will release the two products Phone & Drive on Gaia, so to speak as an opener for the Christmas month of the year 2018 a.D. πŸ™‚

Of course, the pretty hard disk technology will go down like an asteroid like the “iPhone Science X”. Never before has a data store been so fast, at the same time I will drive the gross capacity of the hard drives to unprecedented heights. We need more and more storage space for the archiving of our information, at the same time massive increases in performance …

My hard drive can and will do what I promise. Overall, this technology will be much more expensive than the fussy little iPhone, but I will cut it out at a ridiculous price; I would like to have 25 billion US $ each from Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung and Toshiba, maybe IBM will jump on the train and rebuild the little Microdrive. Startups can get a chance if they agree to the terms of the license. Of every unit sold I quote 10% of the net. πŸ˜€

In the long term, this is my strongest horse in the stable, with which I intend to fund the environmental technological problem-solving strategies by founding a charitable, foundation-driven bank that focuses primarily on the promotion of orphans, children and families, especially in developing countries like the Focus on the African continent, Asia and South America. I plan to massively move the infrastructure to our level; Water supply, hospitals, schools and universities are to build and continue to operate until the economy by further investment through the affiliates is standing on their own feet.


Africa is a GIGANTIC growth market ! There are currently over 1.7 billion people living there, all of them want to work, consume and be happy. Self-realization is the most normal goal in a person’s life. My bank will promote this and thus create completely new sales markets for our own products and innovations in the current world of wealth. But: always in ecological and cultural needful and senseful manners.

Fair Exchange, Cooperation has always been THE open secret of how cultures managed to escape together.

Where does the mankind want to go? Exploration into space? How can we do that, if we have done so much damage to the environment here on the planet that we all miserably died of our excretions and legacies ? Apart from the still unbridled danger of a total nuclear holocaust…???

Gaia Technologies offers solutions such as: the safe and efficient usage of the nuclear fissile material, currently about 250 tons of uranium and plutonium, along with the shit that still boggles around the world’s power plants, burnt inefficiently and at a risky rate and also accumulates stupid amounts of “garbage” practically should not be, but could also be used in form of clean energy.

Of course we still have the funny Fukushima problem on the ass, which could cost us all in the worst case in 5 to 10 years our precious lives, if we do not react as soon as possible and stop ablaze the filthy broth in the Pacific Ocea … but also: there are practical solutions that do not even cost that much. Rescueing the ocean from radioactivity, (micro) plastics, PFC, etc. costs us a measly 100 billion US-$ in the initial phase. I deserve this play dough, if all goes well and set me personally for the implementation of the rescue operation. So to speak, my voluntary contribution to the community of the human species and the other small rotten people who are here on Gaia … πŸ˜‰

“Well, but the ozone hole, dad !”. What ??? Ozone? We cal solve that. Dad likes to blow the balloons himself. Just a “hunni” (100 billions). The hour, of course … and ONLY without gum. πŸ˜‰


Hold me for megalomaniac. It’s me. Because there is NOBODY else. Someone MUST do the shit job of the garbage man and clean up the dirt that we’ve all accumulated and left behind consistently over the decades. I have the experience. During my education as an electrician, I cleaned the rooms of our electrical company after work, stocked the warehouse, cleaned the recycling and waste yard picobello, disposed of scrap, swept the street and at that time already got on the hand from the big boss 10.- Deutsche Mark (about $5.- today) , in addition, a car at leisure, which has cost me not a penny, not even fuel, so good I was. πŸ˜€

If the governments of the national states, e.g. can not manage to overcome the coal exit with a bold step, this must be done in this lovely country (Germany) by “Greenpeace”. Even though I have not kept anything from the cardboard noses for many years; the donations have apparently been saved and invested properly, so that the purchase of the last dirty legacy in the Rhineland district should be feasible. If I get my clay for the funny products, I also will buy a coal power plant and will build a public swimming pool of it… πŸ™‚

I still hope that big pukies like Elon Musk, Bill Gates or even Jeff Bezos rather than slow will get in the corridors and become clear about the fact that they can not eat their money, let alone take with them, if they even into the Hike beyond. These billions and billions are DEAD CAPITAL, as Marx so aptly described. Stored work that is potentially incredibly productive and, above all, profitable (even for themselves) When you work with it in a nonprofit way.

Nobody needs to believe that I will give away my money with my projects. I will invest directly into my own, and of course into the future of my children and grandchildren and their offspring. The path through the foundation and the associated bank will keep the assets stable in the long term and multiply them. Logically, none of my children will ever be able to enrich themselves, and I will of course not want to buy a super yacht or any hookers and cocaine for the private pleasure of the gravel. No, no, not in that way, Ladies & Gentlemen… πŸ˜‰

My salary as chairman of the foundation I spend completely unpompornely with € 7,000.- gross per month, of which € 3,000.- go away from taxes, 4 large notes remain to bring a small family through. Nobody wants to kidnap or kill me for such a small sum, but you still can finance a beautiful house, a boat and a car of it. Maybe a farm. And a Zoo.

And plant trees in your freetime. πŸ˜€

The A380 fleet for “Plan International” and “Doctors Without Borders” finances the Gaia Bank, for saving taxes … πŸ˜‰

Yes, that’s how I imagined. Let’s see if and when that will happen. I am now just 45 years old, physically and mentally still relatively healthy and capable. Besides the mentioned products I have much more in the pipeline, among other things I am thinking about a really big Mars spaceship, in the style of the “Nostromo” from the Hollywood movie “Alien I”. A materializer would not be bad, at least on the first interstellar flight. Overlight? Yeah, it would be possible. Antigravity is also in the back of my mind. But I will not divulge anything until I was allowed to clean down here on earth. Otherwise, it would have been totally for the ass, to invent the other shit and realizing in the end, just to have left a mess… gelle ? We have to be successful. Otherwise… death comes quickly.

So check out the Wonderland of Gaia Technologies and Developement Pro.

I’m looking forward to the comments, whether positive or critical. πŸ™‚

Rescue Of Our Planet ? The Masterplan.

November 2018 a.D.


As far we can see, we got following urgent global and environmental issues and priorities in order ->

  • Nuclear Devastation of the Pacific Ocean

An energy map provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows the intensity of the tsunami in the Pacific Ocean caused by the magnitude 8.9 earthquake which struck Japan on March 11, 2011. Thousands of people fled their homes along the Pacific coast of North and South America on Friday as a tsunami triggered by Japan’s massive earthquake reached the region but appeared to spare it from major damage. REUTERS/NOAA/Center for Tsunami Research/Handout (UNITED STATES – Tags: DISASTER ENVIRONMENT) FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. IT IS DISTRIBUTED, EXACTLY AS RECEIVED BY REUTERS, AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS

  • CO2-Saturation of the Oceans

  • Microplastics in the Oceans


What is to solve in first ?

Point one. Stopping the nuclear devastation of the Pacific Ocean caused by Fukushima. If we don’t do that, we will all die within the next 5 to 10 years, because the Krill located on South Pole could die by cancer.


Solvement ? In order ->

Phase 1 (Rescue of the Pacific Ocean):

  • Immediately Begin of an International Planetary Security Conference
  • Evolving Emergency Plans for Stopping the radioactive Emmissions of highly contaminated water
  • Immediate Global Shutdown of all Sea Site Nuclar Power Plants (the risk is too high to get another “Fukushima” desaster)
  • Pumping of all contaminated water out of the tanks into Supertankers
  • Outsending of Special Trained Forces and Equipment (e.g. Boston Dynamics Robot Systems and Drones to get an exact overview of the Meltdown in all Blocks)

  • Cutting the melted cores into small pieces (maybe with High Energy Robotic Lasercutters) and bringing them into a safer containment on Landside
  • Developement and Breeding of L.O.V.I.E.S. -> (
  • Immediate reduction of personal transportation usage by International & National Law & Order
  • We will need for the first stage about 500.000.000 Tons or the doubled amount of the bacteria. TheseΒ  amounts could and should be produced in the current Minerale Oil Fabrication Refineries, where the bacteria have enough β€œfood” for developement and growth. They also will find there the requiered energy in form of warmth/heat, that is delivered by the refinery processes

  • Bringing out of that bacteria by extreme large Supertankers, directly into the Pacific Ocean, in first at the South Pole regions, to avoid the contamination of Krill

  • Further production of large amounts of our special bacteria and outcast into the Pacific Ocean at neuralgic locations
  • Now it’s important to watch and analyze the efforts we made and maybe to work even harder on this strategy


Upgrade for classic climate cooling systems…

Richard Branson just launched a $3 million prize for a better air conditioner

Regarding to that article here I found on Linkedin ->

I made myself several thoughts about being more (cost) efficient.

Especially regarding existing cooling systems that use the classic heat exchange by compression/expansion of a cooling/working liquid.

First at all, I simply would use Mercury (Quicksilver, the element Hg) as the standard cooling liquid derrivate. It’s cheap, a little bit safer to handle and it’s not responsible for the ozone hole issue or the deplation, it’s climate neutrale. It has a much better melting and vaporization vector than the classic working liquids like “Pentane” in cause of it’s much lower vapour pressure, that makes it more efficient in the stage of compression. So we just need a very few lower pressure and so much more less energy. IMHO. The compression motor/aggregate could also be phase compensated.


So, when I also read an article about Vantablack, the relative new coating that absorbs nearly 99,965% of light (so Infrared, too), I thought about using that coating just directly within the radiator’s housings. I currently do not know much about the real electric effects of VENTABLACK, but AFAIK Carbon Nanotubes have an thermoelectric effect, that could be used to feed the electric power system of the air conditioning system, additionally.

The coating/covering could be produced as a foil. It would be the most simple idea to bring it in. We would not need so many new air conditiong systems and spend much more energy and material. πŸ™‚

Hard- and Software-Coded Anti-Pedo-Criminality-Filter

Look, people, we got an issue.

Pedo-Criminality. Too many childrean have been and are still raped. The porn scence is doing an unbelievable crime against the bodies, hearts and souls of our childrean.

My own childrean were taken away, unborn, 24 years before, and then they were abused by ugly men and women. Now, my daughter is a prostitute, and she does not understand that her full potential is not already awaken. I don’t know much about my son, but he lives in the same circuumstances like her, obviously.

I want to bring in a solution, a revolution for our society. For our human mankind, and of course for our sexual behaviour and family spirit:

Hard- and Software-Coded Anti-Pedo-Criminality-Filter for Harddrives & Solid Memory

The filter will be hardcoded directly into the memory controller unit, and also the manufacturers are free to update their old drives with that filter. Maybe, we can code the filter direct into the opering systems, EFI’s, BIOS’es and perhaps the random access memory boards, also.

Any new memory unit with this filter is only able to buy, when you bring in an old memory unit of the same or nearly size.


What about that idea ? I will invent this feature first with my STEADY STATE HEAD Harddrive ->

Steady State Head Technology – Update for an old Harddrive concept…