Can you see the difference ?

Just have a look ->

Blue Marble 2002 Photograph

Google Earth Pro 2018

Blue Marble Photograph, 2012

I see alots of desert in 2012, and what about now ? What about Google Earth ? Is it a lie ? I still hear from California in troubles in cause of no more sweet water reserves… so what ?

What are these circles everywhere ???


Does anybody have ACTUAL pictures taken from a real trustful camera satelite without compositing ?

What about the sun’s corona issues ? It is hot and autumns like in this summer here in Germany.

Questions. Use Google Earth, but be critical… there’s something going on that I do not understand.

Evaporators into the Sahara, Namib and everywhere, where the desert has done its work. Quick. By my way, 400 meters height but 1000, but QUICK. Troposphere needs humidity. Use Quantum Computers with my Billion Quibit Design ->

For climatic calculations. We will get 2°C in the middle upstairs, but more tropical climate.

DO IT, MANKIND ! Otherwise… warm. Very. And thirst.


Maths Test: What exact worth have 200 tons of weaponary Pu-239, U-238 and natural Uranium (U-235) ?


“Okay. Test has begun. Primarily Test Question is now spoken out by your beloved and musical Math teacher Prof. Dr. Ph.D. D.D. mph Danyel V. Gloser.

Dear Pupils, I will wait now for any creative and helpful answers, followed by relatively exact calculations of the current financial, ecological, social-economic and electrical worth of the worldwide active and non(active) fission material in atomic weaponary systems.

Regulatory as last: You have exact 24 hours to come to an conclusion. Also to write a text with a minimum length of 7777 semiotics. And so to finish your first official math test documents for the semester summer 2018. Please, be urgent, but be careful in calculations and the summary of your results, because we are in urge and need to do the job safe. And I want to have the chance of a class target of nearly 100% this grade level.

Active participation in Discussions while the test period is welcome and appreciated. Thank you, Ladies & Gentlemen.”

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Simpelst Evaporators For Greening The Desert…


So what ?


We can build high. Currently up to 1 kilometers. 200 meter are the required minimum, 400 to 500 meters would be better. Sand and so Concrete are not the problem; we could use sand from the desert, by re-combining it to silicium blocks and then crackling it into sharp concrete compatible sand. Just with wind & solar (cell, mirror or vaporizer) energy. 🙂

The Cooling towers could and should be created MULTI STAGED, with differrent height evaporation. They can all be drvoen by simple cold/heat machanics from the environment in then desert, we only need water, maybe salt water from the deeper areas from the sea/ocean. The salt and basic elements from de-saltification could also be used for industry processes and further construction of those towers.

Costs per 0,5 kilometer height tower (incl. infrastructure):

$ 500,000,000

Costs per 1 kilometer height tower (incl. infrastructure):

$ 4,000,000,000

Just calculate how much water damp could be vapourized per day within a special desert region.