Meat…? What Human Beings can do – an Example

On my travel through Switzerland on Thursday this week, I got a short rest in a Village in the french Swiss. I was hungry and got to the local MIGROS supermarket, talked to the butcher and tried a little piece of the wonderful looking and very tasty Liver ->

It was so…. mhm… tasty, and I as a normally vegetarian was very hungry and decided to purchase a piece next week when I get some money. I will lay down the raw liver onto a sandwich toast, adding some vegetarian spread, parsley and maybe salt and pepper. And a Glas of Wine, un bon vine rouge. 🙂

That’s all. Not more. And I will be save again what my Vitamine B12, Calium and Iron supplement is regarding (currently I have some issues).



How to solve that in future ? We don’t have so many culture animals, we can’t kill so many animals anymore, we MUST NOT kill !!!

So, what could we do ? I thought about the artificial growing and cultivating of organs like on Thursday, and I think that would solve our most urgent problems in nutrition these days. By using special gene techniques, we can cultivate and breed a liver in an artificial environment, for sure ! As we can “breed” human hearts and other organs, currently, for using them in medicine. Just read ->


I would appreciate an artificial liver for nutrition consuming, very much ! 😀


And the ORIGINAL has to be celebrated only one time, on the first sunday in month ! Then we are saved and our beloved animals, too ! 😀 <3

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