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Too many Deserts on Planet Earth ? Green the Hills of Arizona, the Sahel Zone and the North African Continent much more efficient ? :-D

Hi Folks !


A little project, that I am thinking about since several years in the backyard of my mind… a little Ice Sun.


Okay. We got currently too many deserts, and the desertation of land is going further and further. Arizona is beautiful, but it could be Desert Garden. Why don’t we have it, yet ?

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Back to the Moon ? Ask Lady V. :-D

Back to the Moon ?

Bring back the good old “Mondschubse” (Saturn V) from my Granduncle Wernher into the Baracks. Clean the old Lady with PAINSTAKINGNESS.

Fix up the Apollo-Modules out of the museum with new Shuttle technology, clean & change the sealing rubbers when neccessary. Clean every damn screw or change them into highgrade titanium-wolframcarbide-steal screws – weight is no problem when you are riding a Saturn V, no, no, no really ! ).

And then ask my mentors Stephen Hawking & Michael Collins, if they like to lift up. In real. I’D DEFINATELY BE WITH THEM, I’D DO THE FLIGHT.



ΙΧΘΥΣ – Saving The Oceans & The Global Ecosystem ! :-)


Wanna save your ecosystem, your environment, PLANET EARTH ? GAIA ? Make Jesus proud of You ? ❤️🌎🌈🎶🐷🐟🐬🐠🐳🦈


The Problem:


Watch “Interstellar” in German & English, perhaps load up your copy in your language, and share. This problems are REAL existent, everyday you can see it in the news. You can use Google.



Absolutely Urgent:




Listen to the message. Listen to Hans’ music, Nolan’s film, should say it all. ♥♥♥


PVC-Cracking and PVC-Softening could be done, by simply using following:…351812.354079.0.354639.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..2.2.419…33i21k1.0.3z8Z0KOQHYE

+Heat, +WaterDamp, +Lemonesteracid

Parallel washing out PFC and the other damn fucking stuff with global spreaded “Washing Machines” in the rivers . Currently no quick solution., bt relative efficient over the centuries. Cracking the ugly PFC ? Perhaps with a  Lemonester derivate ?


The End Of Global Energy Crisis – Have we reached Peace & Freedom ?

Energy Problems ? Demon-Core.issue ? To many classic W80/B61 (and the international nuclear club derivates ?)?

Okay. Idea. Quick Solution. Cheap. Clean. Maxmimum Efficient. Safe. Totally maniac. 😀

Transmutation Reactor by El Capitan.

Just rebuild natural Nuclear Power Plants with a very, very low technical effort and cost in old, very deep mines or much better (my favourite !) directly into a concrete, absolutely safe mountain massive, like my Mariposa Mountains or the Dolomites or Atlas, Ardennes, Les Alpes, perhaps Himalaya etc. 🙂

Subcritical Nuclear Battery

Positive FX:

– totally, completely, finally nuclear disarmament
– nuclear trade/charity for long term energy support
– mama/papa will eat plutonium and digest without a big fart. 😀
– 7.32515126e-13 Billionaire Party 😀
– After all, play the Thorium Game
– Heating when it’s cold in emergency cases
– No more fear of nuclear power
– No more fear of nuclear war
– No more fear of Armageddon
– Enough Power for Hydrogen/Oxygen Production for clean individual transportation and home heating systems without CO2-Application.
– Enough Power for our strongly needed plasticfish rescue by chalking the ocean. Feed the Werewolf Man by Chalk. 😀
– Enough Power for Quantum Computers and Aunty Google’s Sisters. 🙂
– Enough Power for Everything.
– We can’t survive without Miss Piggy. Never abuse my Women/Childen !!! Otherwise, my heart could be a Demon.core.
– Finally: Peace on Earth. Planet of Gaia. Love. Vast. Immeasurable. Paradise possible.

So what ? Don’t be a wimp. Don’t fear. Do it. Work. Harder. Hardest. Please Harder.

Eating meat without killing the Animals ? Possible. Absolutely. :-D

Αγάπη Πίστη Ελπίδα


Sorry.  I am angry. Very angry. And I will be personal angry against some people.


And also many sorry for the bad english; I recently used Google Translator to bring my original article from German Language very quick into understandable English, and I will overwork my article in the next days… be patient. Or just help me by registering on my site a s a lector.


I also will post the original article in a German Version. And perhaps in other Languages, if I or we will find engaged People following my most urgent Projects.

Thank you. ♥


Okay. Or not.

I am so mercilessly disappointed with most of my fellow human beings. Main thing, still sausage on the bun. “Oh darling, kids, shall we have some sausage for lunch?”


All right PETA (still harmless)

Just yesterday with my aunt disputed. I licked my mouth fuzzily for 2 hours, freaked out, because the stupid noodle actually wanted to explain to me that they her sausage would need her all sorry. Would I offend her personally if I’d call her a stupid and a brutal, egoistic murderer ? A Werewolf ?

Pardon. That comes from Kreutzfeld-Jacob. Your piggy-blabber. The revenge of the pig. And from Mother Nature.”

The hate-cap I’m wearing is getting fatter. You people outside are even trying to sabotage me by deleting information from the web and from my Google server. The people are so miserably cowardly, corrupt and false, and even their own neighbors grin while being still ugly and stupid and talk such a nuclear-incense-crap-shit from their cheap fusel stinking Schandmaul therefore, that the ugliness of their cowardly souls even more clearly comes to light. Pardon. I am angry !!!

It disgusts me. Your reckless, aggressive horror carnivore will cost you your head. The schnitzel nurse can not only theoretically care out pigs, cows, bunnies, hens and chicken into paradise before they are fed up with decency, dignity and respect as a cadaver. Happy Cadaver. Corpus. Think about it. Christ ? Oh you, pig shit.

Demon Core. If necessary, organized in Büchel. And ignited there too. Are only 10kg. Unfortunately a bit friable. Is schwierig. But enough for 2 kt in the plastic bag, fired into the corner of Office of the Atomic Weapons General in Büchel. 😉

Haha. Consequences.



Eating meat, drinking milk, consuming cheese and leather etc. – without killing the Animals ?

Impossible ???

No, it is POSSIBLE. Absolutely ! 😀



Please sign:



People, Friends ! 😀

Now, THERE is THE chance to bring a final law on the way. A law, that murdering and killing animals by human beings will be nearly impossible in the most cases of our modern civilization. In the most cases cases of getting meat or any other products off the bodies of animals. Because murdering and killing it is ugly. And our fateless Apocalype in humanity, surviving as a species, uplifting our race into space etc., if we will follow the old way of a killer.

A better world is possible. A world of beautiness and lovelyness. A world of stopping and ending the murder in us.

Imagine following:

You can still eat and enjoy meat. Steak. Saussage. Schnitzel. And you need not to kill or no one else need to kill for that meat. How is that possible ?


1.) Meat must be expensive. Very expensive ! Minimum 7 to 10 times more than now.

2.) The Meat-KZ-Industry must have an end. Animals and domestic animals must live in a natural and gently ways, like about ca. 150 to 2000 years before. Without chemical pharmacy, hormons and – without artifical fertilization !!!

3.) Meat must be “produced” in the local area, again. No more meat trade like today. No transports nor slaughterhouses. The farmer will slaught his animals by himself, together with all the people who want to eat the meat and use the products. This is simply the best solution, because people, especially children, will get consciousness back what being an animal and life totally means. 🙂

4.) Animals will have the right to live over the full natural lifespan. At the end of the way the farmer will control the life parameters in real time, perhaps computer + WLAN/Satellite controlled within a big flock. When a “Grandma” or “Grandpa” or any other aged animal will be in his last hours, the farmer of the future will be THERE. And – if or when we will be consequent – all people who have taken the sponsorship or better – the “Godparenthood” of this animal or partner on this Planet. We will be there to give our “Mother Cow” or “Grandfather Pig” the last honor and stroke them over the bridge into the next level of reality. 🙂 If the animal is very ill, we must be ready to give him a gently and natural poison out of flowers like “Bruglasia Volcania”, “Encian” and the mixtures, to let him go very smooth and lucky.

5.) After the physical death of the animal we need to work efficient and quick to avoid and minimize the botulinum toxines in our meat. It’s quasi already practised in Germany by doing the so-called “Meadow Shot” and using mobile slaughter equipment as like these here ->

6.) After this you can make steaks and everything like before. You can have a Barbecue as everytime and remember of your Grandma or Mother Cow in a way of enjoying her meat ! Like before, but without killing ! 😀

7.) The positive effects of this way of living and meat consuming will be: totally new ethical and moralistic benefits, massively ecological and economical profits, especially in the local area of your city. A spiritual way of being human, without killing or murdering for the nutrition product meat, which is still neccessary in a lot of ways of out current nutrition. And it’s tasty ! 😉

Leather will be now absolutely fair and ethical clean. We will get back healthy and green meadows, and the animal sounds of good old villages back in the cities, if we are doing right. We will get closer to Paradise on Earth. 🙂


Everything what is needed is a change and revolution in thinking and feeling, a totally change in being a real economic farmer. It’s just only needed to be moralistic, caring and resposibly for the creature and ourself. It’s just needed a change by Law. National Laws first, international Laws following.

React NOW ! SIGN ! 😀

Save Miss Piggy, Charlie Chicken and Carla the Cow. 🙂


What at the moment is not cleared and figured out is the fishing of fish in rivers, seas and the oceans. We have to solve this problem also on the first step, because we don’t have many fishes left, and our oceans are dying by CO2, Plastic Garbages and PFC. If the oceans would die, we’d be finished. Finally and totally. For the next 250.000 years. No more breathable Oxygen in he air.

So we have to react NOW ! Please ! Sign the next Petition which is coming in a further time. Save the Oceans. 🙂

But first the Pigs, Hens & Cows.


More thoughts acceptable ?


Miss Piggy’s Law & other Perspectives

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