Hard- and Software-Coded Anti-Pedo-Criminality-Filter


Look, people, we got an issue.

Pedo-Criminality. Too many childrean have been and are still raped. The porn scence is doing an unbelievable crime against the bodies, hearts and souls of our childrean.

My own childrean were taken away, unborn, 24 years before, and then they were abused by ugly men and women. Now, my daughter is a prostitute, and she does not understand that her full potential is not already awaken. I don’t know much about my son, but he lives in the same circuumstances like her, obviously.

I want to bring in a solution, a revolution for our society. For our human mankind, and of course for our sexual behaviour and family spirit:

Hard- and Software-Coded Anti-Pedo-Criminality-Filter for Harddrives & Solid Memory

The filter will be hardcoded directly into the memory controller unit, and also the manufacturers are free to update their old drives with that filter. Maybe, we can code the filter direct into the opering systems, EFI’s, BIOS’es and perhaps the random access memory boards, also.

Any new memory unit with this filter is only able to buy, when you bring in an old memory unit of the same or nearly size.


What about that idea ? I will invent this feature first with my STEADY STATE HEAD Harddrive ->

Steady State Head Technology – Update for an old Harddrive concept…

Maths Test: What exact worth have 200 tons of weaponary Pu-239, U-238 and natural Uranium (U-235) ?


“Okay. Test has begun. Primarily Test Question is now spoken out by your beloved and musical Math teacher Prof. Dr. Ph.D. D.D. mph Danyel V. Gloser.

Dear Pupils, I will wait now for any creative and helpful answers, followed by relatively exact calculations of the current financial, ecological, social-economic and electrical worth of the worldwide active and non(active) fission material in atomic weaponary systems.

Regulatory as last: You have exact 24 hours to come to an conclusion. Also to write a text with a minimum length of 7777 semiotics. And so to finish your first official math test documents for the semester summer 2018. Please, be urgent, but be careful in calculations and the summary of your results, because we are in urge and need to do the job safe. And I want to have the chance of a class target of nearly 100% this grade level.

Active participation in Discussions while the test period is welcome and appreciated. Thank you, Ladies & Gentlemen.”

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Simpelst Evaporators For Greening The Desert…


So what ?





We can build high. Currently up to 1 kilometers. 200 meter are the required minimum, 400 to 500 meters would be better. Sand and so Concrete are not the problem; we could use sand from the desert, by re-combining it to silicium blocks and then crackling it into sharp concrete compatible sand. Just with wind & solar (cell, mirror or vaporizer) energy. 🙂

The Cooling towers could and should be created MULTI STAGED, with differrent height evaporation. They can all be drvoen by simple cold/heat machanics from the environment in then desert, we only need water, maybe salt water from the deeper areas from the sea/ocean. The salt and basic elements from de-saltification could also be used for industry processes and further construction of those towers.

Costs per 0,5 kilometer height tower (incl. infrastructure):

$ 500,000,000

Costs per 1 kilometer height tower (incl. infrastructure):

$ 4,000,000,000

Just calculate how much water damp could be vapourized per day within a special desert region.

Gaia Bank

We announce that we as soon as possible will bring out following ->

Gaia Bank

Gaia Bank is an Investment Bank for private people, that want to start a small business for coming out with their ideas onto the market. It will not only be a micro credit Bank, but an Investment Bank that is really CARING and WORKING for their clients and doing A LOT MORE things for their clients than normal banks, like calculating, risk analysis, controlling, accounting etc.

We will for sure calculate the real chances for the planed business in first, so that the risks and the POSSIBILITIES of success to give it a greater start than a small are always guaranted ! 🙂

For every new client we serve and that return of investment (ROI) we generate through others, the existing customers and clients of our products will get bonusses and extra services, so that we will might have a like snow ball system, but without the bad consistency and bad investment of classic systems, just now in cause of real calculated profite bonusses.

In first, we will invest in special in:

1.) environment protection
2.) social business
3.) technology concerns

so that our Investment is directly given and also taken in return (ROI).

We initially will begin with Investment credits between $1,000 up to $100,000, regarding of the personal and individual qualities of the planed business managers.

Good Luck ! 🙂

Too many Deserts on Planet Earth ? Green the Hills of Arizona, the Sahel Zone and the North African Continent much more efficient ? :-D

Hi Folks !


A little project, that I am thinking about since several years in the backyard of my mind… a little Ice Sun.


Okay. We got currently too many deserts, and the desertation of land is going further and further. Arizona is beautiful, but it could be Desert Garden. Why don’t we have it, yet ?

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