Making America Great Again ! :-)

Those kids know about our global future !

I appreciate this suggestion very well. They are excellent educated open minded citizens of the United States of Amercia with a vision, a vision of the real “Global Village” we shared 20 years, before, when the Internet was young, innocent and fresh for all of us.



We have a mission to fulfill. We have to change the world, but not into chaos or the apocalypse, but into a brighter, a better future for all of us, living on the planet earth ! 🙂

These children have the absolute abilities to follow their idols, just like Martin Luther King, maybe also John Frederick Kennedy, and if Barrack Obama would really have followed that dream, he never would have admitted the congress’ descision to update und upgrade the Nuclear Assault Weaponary Stockpile of the United States for over $4,7 Trillions net (Four Thousand Sevenhundred Billions) of prescious Dollars !

*** This money could HAVE HAD changed the circumstances in the developement countries, worldwider…! ***

And I, personally, will go a step further: what about being the first nation worldwide that will allow every human being on Planet Earth to apply for the US american citizenship, independently where he lives, what ethnicity, religion or gender he shares.

What about the full inclusion of ALL people WORLDWIDER into the finally approved and accepted family of the UNITED STATES ? 🙂

That only would (and maybe will) make America GREAT, again.