Quick calculations. Something is missing.

I love quick calculations and recherche, e.g. taxes and total income of some… society members.

We are 45 Million people working in Germany. Everone gets about €3,700 (gross/brutto) per month, that means about 1,9 Trillion € total income per year over here (2018).

The total GDP of Germany was 3,7 Trillion € in 2018.

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The Ministry of Finances just gets about 700 Billion € taxes in 2018. Hm. Totally.

We have tax rates on the income between 30% up to about 50%, only on the gross/brutto income ! Okay, please re-calculate. If we have gross/brutto 1,9 Trillion € income, and about 30% up to 50% on income, we would expect about 600 Billion € only for personal individual income from people. Okay. The Ministry of Finances officially admits that numbers. Not exactly (about 25% differences downwards, but it’s okay so far).

Every purchase is about 19% taxes, 7% on food.

About 4,000,000 new cars were purchased in Germany 2018, additional some trucks/busses etc., that 450 Billion € revenue in 2018. Only motorcrafts for our own streets. Hm, oh, and planes, for sure ! And trains and ships ! 😀

Yes, we consume so much ! And we produce so much ! And all the nice things we purchase and we sell and buy and rebuy are tax dutied. So, let’s re-calculate. Revenues in Germany 2018 ->

  • Logistics -> 275 Billion €
  • Cars -> 500 Billion €
  • Energy -> 450 Billion €
  • Building -> 450 Billion €
  • Crafting -> 575 Billion €
  • Pharma & Chemicals -> 250 Billion €
  • Machines -> 250 Billion €
  • Services -> 125 Billion €
  • 40 Million Pig$, Cow$ & Chicken and Pla$tic-Fish are about 75 Billion €…
  • and so on… very informative is this official site of the German Bureau for Statistics. 😀 -> Statistisches Bundesamt
  • Trade & Commerce -> 1,9 Trillion €

Hm. Re-calculate. GDP and official numbers of the companies etc. pp, IMHO there are a few Billions missing…

Oh, and also very interesting for people living here in Germany ->

Some prices 1999 and now


Now, I have an also very important questions:

  • Where are all the taxes the companies should pay ?
  • The German people officially “own” 5,8 Trillions €. Inofficially the double, 10 Trillion €. Private Equity.
  • The Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Villages, Cities, etc.) “owes” 2,0 Trillions €.

BRD National debt

So, and where is all the money earned from the Stock Exchanges going to ? 25% taxes on Stock exchange income is Law in Germany. Hm. That was the example for Germany.


Now, let’s talk about Apple Inc. that I want to buy and make an .org of it. 🙂

November, 2018 -> Apple now has $237.1 billion in cash on hand

Let’s look on Wikipedia ->

Apple Inc.

$365 billion assets. Hm. $240 Billion cash ?

“In financial accounting, an asset is any resource owned by the business. Anything tangible or intangible that can be owned or controlled to produce value and that is held by a company to produce positive economic value is an asset. Simply stated, assets represent value of ownership that can be converted into cash (although cash itself is also considered an asset).”

I think there are some people ca$hing the cow really hard. Cannibalistic. And they also do not pay taxes at all. Really important ! And so it is in every larger company (A National State is a Company, ownership of all Citizens) on the Planet Earth we are living on.

USA National Debt

I call that “Schmu”. It has to be ended, now.


Oh, and I think that little thingies here ->

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are not a protection, they are THE RISK. Nuclear weaponary stockpiles are NEVER a security. Because they costed the U.S. Citizens the last years and the next about lumpy 4,7 Trillion US $. Only for modernization.

They always just only cost ! But NOT if you decide NOT to hold them. Just make some nice Ampère Hours out of it. How ? ->

Power To The People ! Power For The Planet. 🙂



Oh, and last but not least… Russia just owes about 800 Billions. And what do they do ? They deliver Engery. Minerale Oil. Gas.

Maybe, THEY invest in the big Market of SAFE nuclear power technology. 🙂

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