Responsibilty against Maneater…

Have a look ->


So, regarding the state of official citizen counts, we have exact the same amount of vehicles than people within the USA existing ->

According additional motorcraft like planes, jets, jet fighter aircrafts, ships, vessels, tanks, etc. (exeption given Nuclear Aircraft Carriers & Submarines), the USA could open new business fields by engaging vehice hire companies, that offer inter alia the very nice experience of flying a Boeing F15C Eagle by yourself ->

An US Air Force (USAF) F-15C Eagle aircraft from the 493rd Fighter Squadron, 48th Fighter Wing, Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath, United Kingdom (UK), parked on the tarmac at RAF Lakenheath. A rainbow can be seen in the background.

Just to mention. πŸ˜‰




“Das Auto, des Deutschen liebstes Kind…!”


Making America Great Again ! :-)

Those kids know about our global future !

I appreciate this suggestion very well. They are excellent educated open minded citizens of the United States of Amercia with a vision, a vision of the real “Global Village” we shared 20 years, before, when the Internet was young, innocent and fresh for all of us.



We have a mission to fulfill. We have to change the world, but not into chaos or the apocalypse, but into a brighter, a better future for all of us, living on the planet earth ! πŸ™‚

These children have the absolute abilities to follow their idols, just like Martin Luther King, maybe also John Frederick Kennedy, and if Barrack Obama would really have followed that dream, he never would have admitted the congress’ descision to update und upgrade the Nuclear Assault Weaponary Stockpile of the United States for over $4,7 Trillions net (Four Thousand Sevenhundred Billions) of prescious Dollars !

*** This money could HAVE HAD changed the circumstances in the developement countries, worldwider…! ***

And I, personally, will go a step further: what about being the first nation worldwide that will allow every human being on Planet Earth to apply for the US american citizenship, independently where he lives, what ethnicity, religion or gender he shares.

What about the full inclusion of ALL people WORLDWIDER into the finally approved and accepted family of the UNITED STATES ? πŸ™‚

That only would (and maybe will) make America GREAT, again.

Quick calculations. Something is missing.

I love quick calculations and recherche, e.g. taxes and total income of some… society members.

We are 45 Million people working in Germany. Everone gets about €3,700 (gross/brutto) per month, that means about 1,9 Trillion € total income per year over here (2018).

The total GDP of Germany was 3,7 Trillion € in 2018.

No alt text provided for this image

The Ministry of Finances just gets about 700 Billion € taxes in 2018. Hm. Totally.

We have tax rates on the income between 30% up to about 50%, only on the gross/brutto income ! Okay, please re-calculate. If we have gross/brutto 1,9 Trillion € income, and about 30% up to 50% on income, we would expect about 600 Billion € only for personal individual income from people. Okay. The Ministry of Finances officially admits that numbers. Not exactly (about 25% differences downwards, but it’s okay so far).

Every purchase is about 19% taxes, 7% on food.

About 4,000,000 new cars were purchased in Germany 2018, additional some trucks/busses etc., that 450 Billion € revenue in 2018. Only motorcrafts for our own streets. Hm, oh, and planes, for sure ! And trains and ships ! πŸ˜€

Yes, we consume so much ! And we produce so much ! And all the nice things we purchase and we sell and buy and rebuy are tax dutied. So, let’s re-calculate. Revenues in Germany 2018 ->

  • Logistics -> 275 Billion €
  • Cars -> 500 Billion €
  • Energy -> 450 Billion €
  • Building -> 450 Billion €
  • Crafting -> 575 Billion €
  • Pharma & Chemicals -> 250 Billion €
  • Machines -> 250 Billion €
  • Services -> 125 Billion €
  • 40 Million Pig$, Cow$ & Chicken and Pla$tic-Fish are about 75 Billion €…
  • and so on… very informative is this official site of the German Bureau for Statistics. πŸ˜€ -> Statistisches Bundesamt
  • Trade & Commerce -> 1,9 Trillion €

Hm. Re-calculate. GDP and official numbers of the companies etc. pp, IMHO there are a few Billions missing…

Oh, and also very interesting for people living here in Germany ->

Some prices 1999 and now


Now, I have an also very important questions:

  • Where are all the taxes the companies should pay ?
  • The German people officially “own” 5,8 Trillions €. Inofficially the double, 10 Trillion €. Private Equity.
  • The Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Villages, Cities, etc.) “owes” 2,0 Trillions €.

BRD National debt

So, and where is all the money earned from the Stock Exchanges going to ? 25% taxes on Stock exchange income is Law in Germany. Hm. That was the example for Germany.


Now, let’s talk about Apple Inc. that I want to buy and make an .org of it. πŸ™‚

November, 2018 -> Apple now has $237.1 billion in cash on hand

Let’s look on Wikipedia ->

Apple Inc.

$365 billion assets. Hm. $240 Billion cash ?

“In financial accounting, an asset is any resource owned by the business. Anything tangible or intangible that can be owned or controlled to produce value and that is held by a company to produce positive economic value is an asset. Simply stated, assets represent value of ownership that can be converted into cash (although cash itself is also considered an asset).”

I think there are some people ca$hing the cow really hard. Cannibalistic. And they also do not pay taxes at all. Really important ! And so it is in every larger company (A National State is a Company, ownership of all Citizens) on the Planet Earth we are living on.

USA National Debt

I call that “Schmu”. It has to be ended, now.


Oh, and I think that little thingies here ->

No alt text provided for this image

are not a protection, they are THE RISK. Nuclear weaponary stockpiles are NEVER a security. Because they costed the U.S. Citizens the last years and the next about lumpy 4,7 Trillion US $. Only for modernization.

They always just only cost ! But NOT if you decide NOT to hold them. Just make some nice Ampère Hours out of it. How ? ->

Power To The People ! Power For The Planet. πŸ™‚



Oh, and last but not least… Russia just owes about 800 Billions. And what do they do ? They deliver Engery. Minerale Oil. Gas.

Maybe, THEY invest in the big Market of SAFE nuclear power technology. πŸ™‚