Hidden Cannibalism…?

People are getting insane !!! ­čÖü

As far as I strongly felt recently, that grilled human flesh from murdered people was sold at the Frankfurt/Main’s airport, also in Paris and in Belgium at different places, and also human’s fat was used for bakery in those countries, I was investigating. The first evidence I made was the extreme smell of human fear within the environment of Railway Stations, Airports etc. – I smelled something that immediately brought my naturally alarm clocks in DEFCON 1. Every human being CAN smell that threat and danger by natural given reflexes and his natural senses, AFAIK.

A smell of burned human hormons like adrenaline. I can’t describe it on another way. If you ever had the suspect of something going extremely wrong, I had it in this moments I also had the suspicions on my traveling through Europe in Mannheim (Germany) and Saarbr├╝cken (Germany), when I smelled something like the tragedy of burned human flesh at the rivers and at several places of both cities. And in Mannheim I also met a person at the river’s shore in the middle of the day, which was suspicious to me being a cannibal respectiveley a highly shizophrenic person, which was already in jail for any case of that behaviour. A very, very strange situation… and I have been naive and been hugging him for giving me a beer, what an idiot I have been !!!


I suddenly reminded myself that I already found some evidences of an EXREME dangerous and evil behaviour of human beings already in the last months before, when I was googling the phenomena of cannibalism (in cause of incidents in Germany and diverse suspicions).

What I found was the shock of a “subculture” that has been developing overtly for years !!!



I really can’t understand this subculture slang, I don’t know and can’t suggest what is meant by this strange talking… anybody ? Could anyone explain that shit to me ???


So, when I was visiting France these days and stranded in Lille (Normandy), there also were strange things going on in the night, when I found myself sitting at the bus stations and young people were walking through the streets, with white trousers on them, that were obviously looking like bloody smeared… it seems that they were celebrating a ritual night or something. And I heard the word “longpig” always reflecting in my mind, while the telepathic communicaion with people…

I am feared. What is going on ?