Hidden Cannibalism…?

People are getting insane !!! 🙁

As far as I strongly felt recently, that grilled human flesh from murdered people was sold at the Frankfurt/Main’s airport, also in Paris and in Belgium at different places, and also human’s fat was used for bakery in those countries, I was investigating. The first evidence I made was the extreme smell of human fear within the environment of Railway Stations, Airports etc. – I smelled something that immediately brought my naturally alarm clocks in DEFCON 1. Every human being CAN smell that threat and danger by natural given reflexes and his natural senses, AFAIK.

A smell of burned human hormons like adrenaline. I can’t describe it on another way. If you ever had the suspect of something going extremely wrong, I had it in this moments I also had the suspicions on my traveling through Europe in Mannheim (Germany) and Saarbrücken (Germany), when I smelled something like the tragedy of burned human flesh at the rivers and at several places of both cities. And in Mannheim I also met a person at the river’s shore in the middle of the day, which was suspicious to me being a cannibal respectiveley a highly shizophrenic person, which was already in jail for any case of that behaviour. A very, very strange situation… and I have been naive and been hugging him for giving me a beer, what an idiot I have been !!!


I suddenly reminded myself that I already found some evidences of an EXREME dangerous and evil behaviour of human beings already in the last months before, when I was googling the phenomena of cannibalism (in cause of incidents in Germany and diverse suspicions).

What I found was the shock of a “subculture” that has been developing overtly for years !!!



I really can’t understand this subculture slang, I don’t know and can’t suggest what is meant by this strange talking… anybody ? Could anyone explain that shit to me ???


So, when I was visiting France these days and stranded in Lille (Normandy), there also were strange things going on in the night, when I found myself sitting at the bus stations and young people were walking through the streets, with white trousers on them, that were obviously looking like bloody smeared… it seems that they were celebrating a ritual night or something. And I heard the word “longpig” always reflecting in my mind, while the telepathic communicaion with people…

I am feared. What is going on ?

What can we do for Julian Assange ?

Quick & simple ->

Gigantic Flashmob in front of the Ecuadorian Embassy and getting him secretly and safe out of range their UK police. 🙂

Have a look out for airdrones; they have to be deactivated with skimmers ! And keep your phones off when we got him. Every cellular is trackable on the meter exact !

Heads up, Julian ! ❤️ 😎


Bad news ! 🙁

It is an urgent warning: “I ask all who are still free to take this message seriously and flee the Republic as quickly as possible. (…) Be careful and leave the Republic as soon as possible. “ The message comes from the end of last week, posted in the Russian Facebook alternative Vkontakte, in the group called Aul, in which even homosexuals exchange anonymously.

There is talk of a “further arrest wave of Chechen boys and girls”. Also in other groups in social media were published according to the Kremlin-critical newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” such references.

Gay people tortured and killed in Chechnya ->



Let ’em be GAY ! <3

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Nuclear = New Clear ? Safety = Say Faithy. :-)

“Oh, darling, it look’s such romantic !” 😉

But we still have the same issues. People in politics are NUTS, they are totally insane. As decades before, we still have too many classic Nuclear Power Plants, and they are still breeding different isotopes for usage in nuclear weaponary systems.

Why ?

Nobody, absolutely NOBODY needs an atomic accident or any kind of Nuclear Assault Armament, called “Nukes”. Or do you like to get this ugly program presented, one time ? ->


One of the most important movies, ever.

It will be the last day on earth for mankind. No more TV shows or movies, anymore. We all would die a sudden and most painful horrorfying death. We would have no, absolutely no chance to survive. So we must not accept that risk, anymore. Wake up !!!

Better let’s make big sums of money, worth. Saved manpower. And build:

“Paradise on Earth”.  😀


We could use all that fuel for a relatively SAFE & SECURE,  and also CO2 neutrale generation of electric energy, if we do it right. It is correct, that the production of renewable energy ressources like solar plants and wind power uses large amouts of electric energy, and we need a CO2-neutrale primary energy source. It is also correct that we have to decide whether to use that nuclear fuel we already own or to throw it away. Better, let’s get usage of that treasure, IMHO.

If you really understood the international politics and orders, it’s ALL about energy and ressources.

Example given Libya was one of the most civlized and developed nations in North Africa, when Muhatmar Gadafi was the leader of this country. They ad minerale oil ressources, which were able to be sold on the international market, and also to be used developing Libya’s own infrastructure and so people’s power.

We have got the same situation now in Yemen. The country has rich reserves of copper, nickel, lead, gold, coal, marble, rock salt and petroleum. Yemen is highly dependent on its declining oil resources for revenue. Petroleum exports contribute to nearly 25% of the GDP growth and 70% of the government revenue. The GDP of the country was estimated to be $58.71 billion in 2011.
Yemen has tried to diversify its economy by initiating an economic reform program in 2006 to strengthen the non-oil sectors of the country and its foreign investment. As a result, the country exported its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) in October 2009.

Now we have famine and still war.

There’s a solution, and this won’t be proliferation or really. The USA and also RUS could install & sale their enormeous ressources of Plutonium and Uranium.

“Rescue me !”


Currently, we see a revival of nuclear energy, especially in the USA, and also worldwide are new nuclear power plants constructed. The faillure is, that those power plants still use a critical concept, which means that the reactor could fall into a overcritial state in cause of it’s concept, e.g. the reators of Tchernobyl or Fukushima.

We have to avoid that states of faillure. We have to avoid the next meltdown of a Power Plant, and the exposition of nuclear material.


I still propose to use Uranium and Plutonium, for clean energy production already in a very early article here on Gaia Technologies ->

Unlimited Cheap & Safe Energy:

Imagine -> right at this moment, we own worldwide estimated about 14,000 metric tons of reactor- (about 14,000 metric tons) and weapon grade Uranium & Plutonium (1,000 metric tons) high enriched and so already prepared for energy generation.

And there’s a much higher amount of spent fuel that we currently still call “waste”…!


It is a pure catastrophe ! We are richer than Dagobert Duck, personally, but we waste our efforts and our most precious materials, our primary fuel capacities (minerale oil, for the mining and production processes of more & more fresh fuel), just for burning lifetime and money, away.

Better, let’s burn our STOCKPILE within a safe and reliable reactor !

Better, let’s make hollidays ! 😀


Or don’t we deserve ?


Reflecting. As far as I can see, nobody wants to construct a large Power Plant within a mountain massive, currently My idea was a little bit naive, but I still stand behind. Only this locations would be really safe !

But we have other choices to increase and enhance safety.

Since these days in school, I am developing a new reactor concept, that would be safe and relieable, and would also make usage of nuclear waste. I am currently still in the developing phase, but the concept is ready. You can take a look at my ideas at ->


I, personally, prefer a much smaller design, so that it is not needed to use as much fuel as in other concepts. Also, I still prefer Mercury as a cooling liquant, even it is not as performant like molten salt liquids, but much safer. The issue with a much higher steam pressure is not a real question, because we will have self cooling, self circulating cooling liquant cycle, which is operating in much cooler ranges than the Pressurizes Water Fast Breeders. This means safety in first. And also we won’t harm our most precious water.


There a other new companies like NuScale (https://www.linkedin.com/company/nuscale-power/), that are developing new types of reactors, the SMR (Small Modular Reactor). NuScale is a business partner, and I hope we will set up my own concept one time.

This SMR technology is in principals a very good idea, because now it is possible to reveal classic nuclear power plant sites, and reconstruct them, based on a grid of that small reactors types from companies, which already have (working) concepts in the review of the US Atomic Energy Agency, DOE (Departement Of Energy).

We really, really need smaller reactor sizes, and upgrade existing Power Plants to that small battery grid array concept, that my business partners and I always purposed.


The economic advantage is SAFETY & EFFICIENCY. The smaller reactors are producing only as much energy that is needed and not more. A little village or town is able to get it’s own power plant for very small costs.

– A grid of these batteries is much more efficient than a large reactor
– It’s scalable
– They burn nearly every fuel, also classic nuclear waste (my own concept)
– If one battery needs to get repaired or maintenanced, you don’t need to shut down the whole power plant.
– The power plant or reactor could never get into a failure status, it could never come to an accident. If the modules or batteries are working UNDERCRITICAL, so they don’t need to be cooled nor could melt down.
– We don’t need Uranium & Plutonium in any form for nukes, anymore !!!

If politics don’t change, change politics… 🙂

Facing nuclear reality, 35 years after The Day After


It is a good start that  companies like NuScale are working on more safe reator types. But I favourite my own battery concept, because they burn the nuclear fuel at very low temperatures (low range under 125°C),. And so the fuel could easily get transmutated in a long term way. It safes fuel, it safes costs for maintenance, and the price for buying one of these small reactors is also very low., because of it’s simplicity.


So what we need now is a new way of public politics and social engagement against nuclear weaponary. We need to stand up and discuss, we need to urge the politics to bring that totally dumb system of an OVERKILL to an end, for all times last. We could make so much more of that precious material, they are wonderful fascinating metals, Plutonium and Uranium. Look ! ->


But we MUST not any longer abuse with them by building Atomic Weapons. It is much to expensive at all. Remember; there were totally insane politicians in the United States of Amercia, also under Obama, which have decided to renovate and modernize the US American stockpile for about 4 Trillion U$.

That is a sum of ->

U$ 4,000,000,000,000.-

For what ??? We already have paid about 40 Trillions minimum for the existing and past stockpile !!! This money is thrown out of the window, we need to STOP that idioty. It is not any longer an option to own nuclear weapons, never in such large scales like the atomic weapon states own. It’s too dangerous, too expensive, it’s insane !



Take a look again into my first written article regarding nuclear energy and the worth of the U$ american stockpile’s fuel, again… think about, what is worth more…?