Dear friends !

The last 12 month since I released my Blog I had some headwinds. There are criminal people that are doing very, very bad things (pedocriminality, drugs, human trafficking etc.).

These days the headwinds become stronger. Example given my Blog I have the issue that someone has hacked my Admin-Account because he simply got stolen ALL passwords by breaking into my rooms, my computers, my mobiles etc.

This person is also one of the criminals I described. He lives in my near in the next town and is selling drugs in his headshop. He’s very aggressive and dumb. I think he has deleted the last subscriptions to my site since  the 12th of December, as I did not get ANY new subscriptions since then, what is not normally. It’s an infantile reaction of those people, as I think they are extremely schizophrene.

Also, there are some people of Governments which are a little bit inconvinient… hm. We will see how far all those people will go to stop my mission. As they can’t, for sure. 😉

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Thank you for attention !

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