How to close the Darknet and end Criminality in the Internet ?

BitCoin. Cryptocurrency. Most times used for illegal processes (Childporn, Drugs, Weapons, etc.) within the “Darknet” scene. Many criminals are “mining” now BitCoin, as it has reached to get into the offical finance sectors ->

On the photo you can see a person with some familiar illegal activities in petto, and his new mining rig, 100 computers, type “ANTMINER”. Costs per unit about $1000.- ->


Power Consumption per unit ? Hm. Ouchybear.

1300 Watts

It’s also a total irresponsible method to share financial values regarding our ecobilance; it cosumes insanely large amounts of energy and spends so much CO2 like airline traffic per year. It wastes energy and enables criminals to expand their ugly business.

I never liked BitCoin and it’s derivates in cause of their sources and origin. And they are also ecological smutty.

This person is Michael Muenzing from Frankfurt/Main. He’s an asshole. Because he tried to kill me in 1994 in his discotheque “OMEN”, when he had fucked me up with my girlfriend Margit Marx (today she is called Elizabeth Olsen) and another schoolfriend called Rhian Stokes. Read all about it ->


So, what kind of solution is practicable to stop that insane and illegal way of generating “values” that are most times based on crimnal acts ?

As it’s principal construction, the blockchain is a chain of data, so the first parts are always repeated in the transfer protocol, independant from the used encryption.

So, what is easier than filtering the blockchain out of the internet protocol @carriers and @internethubs ?

What is easier than closing the darknet by eliminating it’s currency ?

We have got Quantum Processor Technology (D-Wave, IBM, etc.), and as I supposed, it’s possible to engage a much more efficient quantum processor technology for science, security and government ->

IMHO, I think THAT would be the RIGHT way to lay this criminal swamp dry.

Any suggestions, my dear pupils, friends and collegues ? 😀