If politics don’t change, change politics… :-)

(A german article, written tonight in the Telepolis-Forums, quickly translated with the help of Aunty Google. Thank ya !)

I founded my little NGO about a year ago. Gaia Technologies; Science, Fiction & Politics of Mother Earth.

On my side I present current problems and their potential solutions sometimes quite humorous, sometimes very naive but always with a scientific background and clear expertise.

Politically, you can really only change something for the better, if you find enough hearing. As an individual, this is only the case if you have great economic influence, because it is still the economy and thus the money that keeps our human world going and determines everyday life as well as the immediate and indirect future.

Take a look, for example Visionaries like Steve Jobs. If my big role model had not been so keen on personal computing back then, we still might not enjoy a free global exchange of information and opinions today. For freedom and democracy, the invention of the personal computer was, in my opinion, synonymous with book printing.

I’m not only very connected to Steve Jobs in addition to Apple’s classic computers, e.g. the iPhone, which I wanted then, just before it appeared. Anyone who believes in telepathy or not can laugh at me, but I had a very strong mental connection to Steve since I was 14 years old.
At that time, we discussed about computers like the NeXT systems, and so around 2004/2005 Steve asked me, how one could call a universally usable Multidevice based on a telephone, marketing-technically. When I replied succinctly why he would not call it simply synonymous with the iMac “iPhone”, he just laughed and thanked me warmly. In 2006 the hitherto most ingenious phone in world history was published. Incidentally, Philips Reis came from Friedrichsdorf / Taunus, a town in the immediate vicinity where I used to live as a 5-year-old … 😉

I have revised the iPhone again and would like to invite you to look at my Developement page the “Apple iPhone Science X” ->


It is the logical development of the previous concept, but this time the focus is not on multimedia, but to encourage just children and young people, especially in developing countries to simultaneously playfully AND scientifically to deal with their environment and so solutions to find problems we adults just could not see so far.

My goal is to become the new CEO of Apple through the development of this device and get some extra money by licensing this revolutionary concept. With this money, I would then of course promote my projects such as the ocean rescue and athmosphere rescue and start the first major implementation actions. Of course, even with a $ 250 billion sales sum for the “iPhone Science X”, I will not be able to handle it all by myself, because the proceeds from the sale of my technology are far from over; you need to realize it yes, workers and, above all, skilled workers.

If everything comes as planned Apple will have to make the deal, because this new iPhone should be a blockbuster. Children and adolescents in our western countries will have to develop apps, adults want to dig deep into their pockets as before, everyone will want to own it. The kids and teens in the developing countries will get it nearly for free, if not for nothing, because anyone who wants it will have an agreement with Apple, to use its potential to develop the best apps in the world.

In return, the interested party gets a completely flexible instrument in his hand, with which he can do the most extensive tasks. Since you can connect EVERY other device to the “Science X” via adapter, it is also possible to connect keyboard, mouse, screen, music keyboard, whatever, and use the device as a music studio, for example. Especially on the African continent, one desperately wants to find the connection to modern music, which has so far failed because of the possibilities of modern composition and recording.

Furthermore one can of course speak with the “Science X” of the ideal instrument for the school, the teaching and the university. In medicine, the Science X will be practically indispensable with the right apps, agriculture and small businesses will benefit directly from this device, since all important parameters with the “Science X” can be measured, evaluated, logged and exchanged.


Furthermore, I currently have a very nice revolution in the data storage market on offer and am already negotiating with Seagate and Western Digital … it’s about the fastest hard drive in world history ! You will also find this funny project on my Developement page, this morning I will release the two products Phone & Drive on Gaia, so to speak as an opener for the Christmas month of the year 2018 a.D. 🙂

Of course, the pretty hard disk technology will go down like an asteroid like the “iPhone Science X”. Never before has a data store been so fast, at the same time I will drive the gross capacity of the hard drives to unprecedented heights. We need more and more storage space for the archiving of our information, at the same time massive increases in performance …

My hard drive can and will do what I promise. Overall, this technology will be much more expensive than the fussy little iPhone, but I will cut it out at a ridiculous price; I would like to have 25 billion US $ each from Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung and Toshiba, maybe IBM will jump on the train and rebuild the little Microdrive. Startups can get a chance if they agree to the terms of the license. Of every unit sold I quote 10% of the net. 😀

In the long term, this is my strongest horse in the stable, with which I intend to fund the environmental technological problem-solving strategies by founding a charitable, foundation-driven bank that focuses primarily on the promotion of orphans, children and families, especially in developing countries like the Focus on the African continent, Asia and South America. I plan to massively move the infrastructure to our level; Water supply, hospitals, schools and universities are to build and continue to operate until the economy by further investment through the affiliates is standing on their own feet.



Africa is a GIGANTIC growth market ! There are currently over 1.7 billion people living there, all of them want to work, consume and be happy. Self-realization is the most normal goal in a person’s life. My bank will promote this and thus create completely new sales markets for our own products and innovations in the current world of wealth. But: always in ecological and cultural needful and senseful manners.

Fair Exchange, Cooperation has always been THE open secret of how cultures managed to escape together.

Where does the mankind want to go? Exploration into space? How can we do that, if we have done so much damage to the environment here on the planet that we all miserably died of our excretions and legacies ? Apart from the still unbridled danger of a total nuclear holocaust…???

Gaia Technologies offers solutions such as: the safe and efficient usage of the nuclear fissile material, currently about 250 tons of uranium and plutonium, along with the shit that still boggles around the world’s power plants, burnt inefficiently and at a risky rate and also accumulates stupid amounts of “garbage” practically should not be, but could also be used in form of clean energy.

Of course we still have the funny Fukushima problem on the ass, which could cost us all in the worst case in 5 to 10 years our precious lives, if we do not react as soon as possible and stop ablaze the filthy broth in the Pacific Ocea … but also: there are practical solutions that do not even cost that much. Rescueing the ocean from radioactivity, (micro) plastics, PFC, etc. costs us a measly 100 billion US-$ in the initial phase. I deserve this play dough, if all goes well and set me personally for the implementation of the rescue operation. So to speak, my voluntary contribution to the community of the human species and the other small rotten people who are here on Gaia … 😉

“Well, but the ozone hole, dad !”. What ??? Ozone? We cal solve that. Dad likes to blow the balloons himself. Just a “hunni” (100 billions). The hour, of course … and ONLY without gum. 😉


Hold me for megalomaniac. It’s me. Because there is NOBODY else. Someone MUST do the shit job of the garbage man and clean up the dirt that we’ve all accumulated and left behind consistently over the decades. I have the experience. During my education as an electrician, I cleaned the rooms of our electrical company after work, stocked the warehouse, cleaned the recycling and waste yard picobello, disposed of scrap, swept the street and at that time already got on the hand from the big boss 10.- Deutsche Mark (about $5.- today) , in addition, a car at leisure, which has cost me not a penny, not even fuel, so good I was. 😀

If the governments of the national states, e.g. can not manage to overcome the coal exit with a bold step, this must be done in this lovely country (Germany) by “Greenpeace”. Even though I have not kept anything from the cardboard noses for many years; the donations have apparently been saved and invested properly, so that the purchase of the last dirty legacy in the Rhineland district should be feasible. If I get my clay for the funny products, I also will buy a coal power plant and will build a public swimming pool of it… 🙂

I still hope that big pukies like Elon Musk, Bill Gates or even Jeff Bezos rather than slow will get in the corridors and become clear about the fact that they can not eat their money, let alone take with them, if they even into the Hike beyond. These billions and billions are DEAD CAPITAL, as Marx so aptly described. Stored work that is potentially incredibly productive and, above all, profitable (even for themselves) When you work with it in a nonprofit way.

Nobody needs to believe that I will give away my money with my projects. I will invest directly into my own, and of course into the future of my children and grandchildren and their offspring. The path through the foundation and the associated bank will keep the assets stable in the long term and multiply them. Logically, none of my children will ever be able to enrich themselves, and I will of course not want to buy a super yacht or any hookers and cocaine for the private pleasure of the gravel. No, no, not in that way, Ladies & Gentlemen… 😉

My salary as chairman of the foundation I spend completely unpompornely with € 7,000.- gross per month, of which € 3,000.- go away from taxes, 4 large notes remain to bring a small family through. Nobody wants to kidnap or kill me for such a small sum, but you still can finance a beautiful house, a boat and a car of it. Maybe a farm. And a Zoo.

And plant trees in your freetime. 😀

The A380 fleet for “Plan International” and “Doctors Without Borders” finances the Gaia Bank, for saving taxes … 😉

Yes, that’s how I imagined. Let’s see if and when that will happen. I am now just 45 years old, physically and mentally still relatively healthy and capable. Besides the mentioned products I have much more in the pipeline, among other things I am thinking about a really big Mars spaceship, in the style of the “Nostromo” from the Hollywood movie “Alien I”. A materializer would not be bad, at least on the first interstellar flight. Overlight? Yeah, it would be possible. Antigravity is also in the back of my mind. But I will not divulge anything until I was allowed to clean down here on earth. Otherwise, it would have been totally for the ass, to invent the other shit and realizing in the end, just to have left a mess… gelle ? We have to be successful. Otherwise… death comes quickly.

So check out the Wonderland of Gaia Technologies and Developement Pro.

I’m looking forward to the comments, whether positive or critical. 🙂

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  1. Heres a Rant
    Perhaps we will as humanity stop ignoring all the solutions we have created in hope to transform our negative narrative of our future. We have been paralyzed by news of terrible content and most agree we would like replace bad news with good news because there is plenty. We still have war, hunger, lack of sanitation and housing and still rely on cannibalizing our blue marble. Could we transform our existence from trying to change our bad ways. Transforming sounds so much better while change implies conforming and control. Transforming is synergistic bringing a welcome addition to our lives. Let us then transform into an abundant, prosperous, peaceful and sustainable planet where by we can call ourselves civilized. We have yet to create civilization. We are on our way to becoming civil and some are further along than others. Truly all must be valued and included regardless of wealth or association to groups or lack thereof. Transforming is in the empathy of all stages of life be they King, popper or priest. Transforming our vision to include all people using their higher self motivators to produce manifestations of the world we already know we are destined to create. Many peoples have ancient prophecy of a new world without war from pounding swords into plowshares. Let us communicate the vision even to North Korea or other seemingly terrifying regimes. None can be left out so peace can replace war. It is this transforming of possabilities in our hearts and outlook that we can share. Imagine how civilized we could be right now if all the military was space exploration and ocean exploration. Imagine prosperity so abundant that crime is bearly viable for a plot in movie let alone actually committed because of such abundance. Imagine the need for greed so tiny that what greed motivated for the lower self is only history. Imagine a generation that knew not war, nor hunger. Imagine a planet so well cared for that terraforming space is a breeze. I am with you in creating solutions however we need to lighten up on venting frustration out on the wealthy folk. If Bill could fund every venture along with Elon, Oprah and the rest the transformation would still not be complete because money in the hands of well meaning solution providers that are surrounded by people with the old lower self will fail. The lower self must awaken so the motivators that lead the lower self to exploit people and our planet into cannibalizing itself are no longer available. Instead a new set of motivators are understood with the higher self allowing synergetic results from our efforts to transform. The frustration is real but let it bring us to a peaceful understanding that all must take part and grow knowing all of humanity is in this together. This will take place as we as individuals seperates our beleifs, traditions, entitlement and religion out of Humanity and humanities solutions. Keep those dear things to oneself and like minded groups but when it comes to Humanity and creating civilization we know from experience what we need and works and the waste propaganda and manipulation individual ideology can have in a civilization. We are to allow the individual freedom and privacy to be as they are and believe as they want but solutions for humanity have no place for contemplating the existence of a Creator or forcing all to conform to some tradition. Humanity’s obstacles to civilization are poverty, poor use of resources, exploitation, and the lack of implimenting solutions we have already created. The transformation will be more frustrating as we uncover and replace poor choices we have lived with for so long. All higher self solutions are synergetic and self evident in their nature so therefore are easy to identify over hidden agenda cover up lower self imposters. If it is very draining and difficult to get results then the solution is probably not in line with the higher self motivators we are quickly learning. Our results will change dramatically yet our being in its nature will not change much at all. We will fish and hunt, drive, fly, manufacture, mine, and develop technology as we do now just with results that enhance our system. Our current system cannibalize all walks without discrimination. Kings and Queens and governments were burden with trying to please the masses and have a direction for them or face becoming the masses enemy. They were born into leading roles that come with far more responsibility than a plumber. They for the most part did not ask to have to lead masses and thise that did had to resort to things no being wishes upon themself. Choices that involve misery,pain and death to some that others may suffer but live meagerly. Our padt has not made it easy to lead masses so often it led to war and a system that we all serve like slaves in the role we can fill. The system demands of humanity, life and consumption of our planet to which we are now discovering will end humanity. Had we known the outcome of our choices would lead to this critical point we would have chose differently. I give us credit for surviving the most brutal of our human nature and getting us this far without anihlalating ourselves. It was not long ago bloodshed was in everyday decision making. Kill or be killed and to the strong the spoils. We gave awakened to a higher self that no longer needs to divide and conquer but unite and prosper. However we got here we did and blaming this or that is lower self behavior and serves no purpose. Developing our higher self and the solutions, care and respect for our environment is more important. As we teansform this old beastly system from the tyrant it has become into a system that serves humanity and the planet. Earth and humanity will be well served with our new system that resembles the old one just beefed up with solutions that work. Work will transform and opportunities will be vast so that no human being will waste their potential away to protect the stays quo. No potential will be developed in humanities best interest not just an individuals best interest thereby satisfying both. All things benificial to the earth and humanity will become the standard until space is the only place left to develop. We can develop that we have proven. We can develop responsibly in such a way that money is no longer a goal or need that seperates our doing what’s right over survival. Yes money will serve us as well as it is part of the system along with the resources of the planet. Our human potential along with the resources and a system designed to serve us will allow those with innovation to create and those that desire less to be equal in standard of living according to availability and time. So if one wants to live off grid homesteading they can. Villages can choose the development of their place. Tribes will not be forced to give up their way of living with nature. In lock step those that want to develop as far as technology and sustainability can provide they can. Anywhere in the middle one can participate in the care and transformation. The problem will not be employment but the management of all the solutions to impliment as the barriers to manifest them are eliminated. The new value economic will base value on all things that raise humanity and look after the earth as a reason to fund. Harder things to fund will be stuff that does not improve or better our existence. We will all be able to spend recreation time with out limits for periods of time leaving no one wanting. Those that have more than they can spend in 10 lifetimes soon come to the realization that recreating to long looses its appeal and the being part of you needs to be a part of more fulfilling efforts. Being a part of solutions benifiting ourselves and our environment will be our job. Transforming work into more than just time spent earning a survival to a system that has enslaved us. No, work will be fulfilling being a part of Humanity acheiving its destiny. No matter the position, be it hard labor, mundane task, developing better solutions or leading the management of solution implementation everyone will know we are all participants in the greatest achievements humanity has ever embarked on as Humanity. No more hidden guilt of exploiting people and resources so your family out does the other by taking advantage of the place and time you occupy. Kudos to those that became educated and were able to create great wealth for themselves and so as individuals no thought is due to thise that came before or serve the system in place that allowed for ones ability to educate and become more valuable than others not so fortunate. The janitor at the institution, the people that make the paper and educational equipment, the mechanics that allow your transportation are all equally invested in supporting the systems educational aspect that made it possible for anyone to work towards to take advantage and increase tgeir worth. That is a fundamental flaw in economic structure. Worth of human potential is priceless and it matters not that you are a surgeon or a fruit picker. When all seriousness of being a proper stewards of our planet and each other is recognized as valuable and part of Humanity transforming this system of division and destruction into a system that serves us all. Only when we include everyone does the potential of a human being become priceless. There for minimum time to explore and recreate is also as important for everyone. To provide everyone the opportunity to be fulfilled requires infrastructure, and understanding no one is going to go without so there is no need value oneself over another. Individually at different times in life we may be more valuable but when the economic account of a lifetime is calculated we are all priceless and therefore have a full account at birth as opposed to having nothing and trying to attain to survivor more to become retired and leaving with nothing. A system of struggle rife with opportunities for the lower self motivators to influence the poor choices made landing us here. Enter the transformed human valued system that gives you an unlimited funding account to match the unlimited potential each is born with and the unlimited knowledge that is acquired during a lifetime that no one leaves life with nothing. We all leave with the same unlimited funding account we started with plus what ever we added while we lived putting our potential to the interstate of humanity and the planet. Therefore the value you created during your life is added to the total accounts of all living people. We retain the ability to earn and enjoy the rewards of our efforts knowing we can apply the economic rewards towards maximizing our potential in what ever area we process ourselves capable of doing. Therefore one must work and educate to apply their potential and the feel good is for oneself and the role one played in furthering humanity. Not all will be able to participate equally as we are all different and there abilities we may not ‘ve born with or by way of our nature loose while we are working. In today’s system those that do not show to provide the equal effort due to dis abilities are looked down upon and therefore destined to not be equal no matter what laws we bring into affect discrimination. But with our current system thise who are working feel those who don’t as freeloaders and a cost the on one hand live to support and give to and on the other list them as degenerate, lazy people taking advantage. Workers pay the most taxes, sacrifice the most time, and feel taken advantage of very easily. This is divisive and not inclusive motivating at all. Transform the work schedule to allow more people to work to build confidence and equalize the burden. Since taxes are not necessary no one applying their potential is paying any more than any other. We keep good things about our nature and eliminate the the lower self motivators from the equation of living. It then becomes an honor and a worthy use of ones potential serving those that are unable to serve themselves. It allows any deficiencies of an individual to be meet by others without guilt or need to fraudulent exist on the backs of others. By looking after each others needs that we are incapable of bonds humanity by knowing no one is left back and all people being included in all life has to offer is the only win situation. Anything less is failure to be civilized. With an entire transformation of attitude and heart revealing the destiny for humanity is needed in order to achieve civilization. After civilization then we keep expanding, exploring and raising humanity to higher levels. There is a way to think about our existence and it begins with understanding individually we are awakening to humanity and humanity works when all individuals involved. We always here people say why are we here? What is our purpose? It is as plain as the nose on our face. Our purpose is to look after this planet because we are here to create the civilization of Humanity. So now thst those to quedtions are answered lets get on with what’s best for us.

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