Indigenous People Fighting For Their Survival.

The old tribes, ancient human societies, hunters and gatherers, are in acute danger of extermination. With them our spiritual and biological heritage  will get lost forever.

Some of these small cultures of sometimes only a few dozen individuals or less are existing on mother earth since a long time. Every of them is a unique culture with own language and customs. Some of them are still not known by western civilisation and are avoiding any contact. If they get in touch with us, it brings them death and misery. Most of these so called Aislados are found in the Amazon area.

But in Paraguay and Bolivia, in the dry forest, the Gran Chaco, are still living about 150 individuals of the Ayoreo tribe, always on the run, between cattle farms, soy plantations and mining activities. Other Aislados are the Sentinels,  found at the Andaman islands, belonging to India,and maybe there are some other isolated tribes in New Guinea.

Other Hunters and gatherers are still existing in some parts of Africa, like the Hadzabe and the Akie in Tanzania.  But they already have contact with western civilisation and are struggling to survive this contact and not to be assimilated.

For example the Hadzabe people in Tanzania are supposed to be a 100000 years old culture. They are still dwelling near the Lake Eyasi in the Mangola region of Tansania. In total they are about 1000 individuals, scattered at maybe 10 camps. These camps are not permanent.


We are cooperating with the Hadzabe since nearly 30 Years. We, this is the German non-profit organisation “Rettet die Naturvölker e.V.”  (RdN) , .

In the 90ies of the last century, the Hadzabe where persecuted and killed by the authorities of Tansania. Their camps have been destroyed, the children were separated from the group and their parents and forced to go to school. The hunters where considered as poachers and killed or put to jail. We started with liberating them from jail and bringing the children back to their tribe. In Tanzania our friend Daudi Peterson founded “Dorobo Funds” , and builded up “Ujamaa Community Research Team”, taking care of the Hadzabe. RdN is supporting them with some funds to save the landrights of the Hadzabe.  Until now more than 25000 hectar were entitled on the name of the Hadzabe for their exclusive use. Other ethnic groups or farmers are not allowed to use the land of the Hadzabe. This was guaranteed by the tanzanian government. The entitled land is forming wildlife corridor to the Ngorongoro conservation area. Animals are beginning to migrate again in the land of the Hadzabe. This is a good example to show that protection of indigenous people in protection of the environment too.

So for the Hadzabe there is some hope that they and their culturewill still exist in the future.

The foto shows a Hadzabe hunter. It is from Daudi Peterson. The map from UCRT shows the Hadzabe land, including the entitled and other areas.

Hadzabe land. Foto by Daudi Peterson.


But in other parts of the world, things are quite diferent. The indigenous people  in the amazon are killed by farmers, miners, are raped , tortured and persecuted. Sometimes they are hunted like animals. And with the new president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, things are getting worse. He will destroy all the rainforest and this means death to the indigenous cultures. He already has announced that.

Same happens in West-Papua. Indonesia occupied West-Papua in 1963 illegal. Since then, indonesian troops have  murdered more than 500000 native papuans. Nobody cares a shit about that. Its all for profit, ressources like wood, gold, minerals, palmoil, to maintain our sick western way of life.


Independence Day in West Papua. Fotos: RdN.

Think about that!  And figure out what you can do to save our beautiful planet!