Rescue of the Ozone Layer…? Just take a Black Balloon… :-D

We already have seen, that it’s possible to get our Tropospheric Climate back to normal or colder states, having a more normal state like 150 years before the massive industrialization.


But we still got following issues:

The Lack of Ozone in the Stratosphere and too high temperatures in the same zone.

So, what could we do with that ?

My vision is the same as in the lower troposphere: large amounts of water vapour, pumped up into an height between 10 to 50 km.

This could be done with many very large stratopheric automatic balloons, constructed of a very special material that uses normal sunlight for the electric energy supply. The material could be constructed out of some very special compounds, that are webbed directly into a fiber of  Graphene and other components.

Such a balloon could look a little bit like that here ->

The required water damp from the lower athmosphere called troposphere must be pumped out of these zones, and then blowed out into the regions between 10 to 50 km.

The expected effect should be a dramatically higher saturation with water in form of ice particles, which also remain to clouds and also reflect the sunlight.

The balloons could now do following: electrolysis of the water into hydrogen and oxygene in a few amount, and then the production of Dioxygene for the further catalysis. This must be calculated.

The intense UV-Screening in these upper athmospheric zones is doing the rest and produces Ozone out of Dioxygene where required, e.g. the most masses over the South- and the Northpole regions. The clouds will have an globally cooling effect, additionally.

What do you think, folks, is that practicable within the next 10 to 20 years ?