Can you see the difference ?

Just have a look ->

Blue Marble 2002 Photograph

Google Earth Pro 2018

Blue Marble Photograph, 2012

I see alots of desert in 2012, and what about now ? What about Google Earth ? Is it a lie ? I still hear from California in troubles in cause of no more sweet water reserves… so what ?

What are these circles everywhere ???


Does anybody have ACTUAL pictures taken from a real trustful camera satelite without compositing ?

What about the sun’s corona issues ? It is hot and autumns like in this summer here in Germany.

Questions. Use Google Earth, but be critical… there’s something going on that I do not understand.

Evaporators into the Sahara, Namib and everywhere, where the desert has done its work. Quick. By my way, 400 meters height but 1000, but QUICK. Troposphere needs humidity. Use Quantum Computers with my Billion Quibit Design ->

For climatic calculations. We will get 2°C in the middle upstairs, but more tropical climate.

DO IT, MANKIND ! Otherwise… warm. Very. And thirst.


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