Tihange…!!! :-(

We have since years an urgent security issue in Tihange, Belgium, with the local nuclear power plant reactor array. It’s quite old and bad maintenanced, and the construction is heavy water, critical. Not good at all.


In cause of the worldwide earthquakes, we urgent need to shut down the reactors as soon as possible, quick and finally.


Just have  look ->

The reactor is extremely unsecure in cause of it’s construction as a critical reactor, and also in cause of it’s age, it’s areal positioning and it’s bad maintenance.

This reactor has to be shut off, quick ! Otherwise, we would have in case of urgency absolute no time to react.

Just have a look here ->


We have currently over 130 earthquakes above Magnitude 2.5. In Europe, there will be soon earthquakes above that measurements, we had in Hessen 2 days a little quake with Mv 2.2. Here we will find some overview in form of spectrums ->


It’s EVERYTIME possible, that a larger earthquake (series) of above Mv 3,8 or 4,0 will hit Europe. At some spots we have had over Mv 5.0 and that’s quite alot !

In that case, if we would have an earthquake or an other uncontrollable situation, the Tihange Nuclear Reactor will be definately heavily damaged, and then we will have a nuclear catastrophe like Tchernobyl directly in Europe, in the middle of our lives…! I don’t want that day coming, and I don’t want to die, burning alive by radioactive pollution of my home.

Please, answer and react, soon ! Otherwise, I will have to prepare a legal action against Belgium, Euronuclear, ENGIE and all others at the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Thank you !

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