Gaia Bank

We announce that we as soon as possible will bring out following ->

Gaia Bank

Gaia Bank is an Investment Bank for private people, that want to start a small business for coming out with their ideas onto the market. It will not only be a micro credit Bank, but an Investment Bank that is really CARING and WORKING for their clients and doing A LOT MORE things for their clients than normal banks, like calculating, risk analysis, controlling, accounting etc.

We will for sure calculate the real chances for the planed business in first, so that the risks and the POSSIBILITIES of success to give it a greater start than a small are always guaranted ! 🙂

For every new client we serve and that return of investment (ROI) we generate through others, the existing customers and clients of our products will get bonusses and extra services, so that we will might have a like snow ball system, but without the bad consistency and bad investment of classic systems, just now in cause of real calculated profite bonusses.

In first, we will invest in special in:

1.) environment protection
2.) social business
3.) technology concerns

so that our Investment is directly given and also taken in return (ROI).

We initially will begin with Investment credits between $1,000 up to $100,000, regarding of the personal and individual qualities of the planed business managers.

Good Luck ! 🙂

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