Aquaponics -> Artificial Fish Breeding and Growing – on Land (not in Sea !) !!!

We must need to solve our issues and solve the coming crisis is Asia, when the Pacific Ocean has not much to deliver in a direct reaction of the radioactiviy issues we currently have…

This here would be one of the solutions, the “Tomato Fish” ->

Think about with Salmon, Eel, Trout, Carp, Plaice, Herring, Crabs, Oysters and all the others.

Nutritious, Delicious & Tasty fish ! 😀 <3

Swimming Robots could get the recently DIED & DEAD fishes out of the water, out of the very very large scaled tanks, aquariums or even ponds with NO MONO cultures. Biotopes. And feeded by algues, plant products and by their own natural behaviour. And after dead directly to the slaughtery and fish filet production, what ever. Local or overregional, just as we want.

What about ? 😀



Roland Göck, are you stil alive ? I loved your Book “Zukunft”. You are my Hero.

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