School & University, April 2018

Hey folks !
Yet, I checked my current subscriptions for Gaia, and the last subscriber was this one here ->
WOW ! Thank YOU so much !!! <3
I hope that my ideas would interest he childrean to think about stopping abuse, and to act responsible for each of us, especially for our mother, Earth. Gaia.
Now, we have to be quick and engaged thinking about solving our problems. We have to do our homework, and learn the lessons we have to learn, as good as we can.
Abuse is illegal by law. But we did. And what has happened ? We are in troubles, so far as I can see.
And now ? Just be responsible and sustainable. First for yourself, then fo your next, and that means in very first action for your environment, respectivley nature. So your planet.
You know that we MUST act urgent and soon !!!
So, please stop watching dumb TV-shows, stop playing murder-games, just learn and study hard for your own future and mine.
Thank you, pupils.
Oh, and this was my school I visited from 1984 to 1990, where I had the chance to read all the wonderful school books, and I had the library, and also where I never made my homeworks… I was a lousy schoolar, and my censures were bad.. 😉
Some good learning games for you computer freaks:
– Will Wright’s “SimEarth” (original released about 1990)
– Will Wright’s “SimCity” (original released about 1989)
– Sid Meier’s “Civilization” (original released about 1991)
– Sid Meier’s “Alpha Centauri” (original released about 1999)
– Sid Meier’s “Beyond Earth” (original released about 2012)
My first was “SimCity” in the original, and then I buyed “SimEarth” and there I learned about GAIA.
SimEarth was extreme complex, and I never understood to play this game. It had bugs without end in the first version, but I will give it a try, again, and have a look if I can get a copy from anywhere in the net, now… why don’t you do the same ? 🙂
Have fun ! Ah, and not to be forgotten:
Just play outside of your rooms and get a walk in the woods or the meadows. Play with your friends in nature, and learn about animals like ants, birds, snakes, scorpios for sure, and everything that is crabbling and sneaking and walking, hushing, flying and running arround. 🙂
Protect your nature.

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