Current Subscribers…

Hello Team !

Thank you very much for subscribing my site. It seems that you are still interested in my Ideas and Thoughts, so I will further follow this project with my full engagement. Especially in cause of protection of my beloved Mr. Whitey Whiteman.

Please get in contact with Ocean D(anielle) Ramsey ->

and tell her about the urgency of doing something concrete but jumping with new Neoprene suits arround. The Great White is in absolute Danger, and we need to protect his environment, and also to fix his health issues like cancer. I have some really nice ideas how to do that by surgery, but I need YOUR personal support !!! Ocean does not reply to my communication requests, so just do your job and call her by yourself, if you are interested in doing anything.

Currently we have about 1.300 registered followers here on Gaia Technologies. It would be great & nice to get in direct contact with you all. Just write me an E-Mail or registrate in the Forums. We need discussion and concete plans for our goals to save Planet Earth and all beings including our Human Race.


Thank you ! 😀