Okay. The next target on my list. BAYER & MONSANTO.

Say “Hello !” 😀


We all know that this substance is harmful and kills our bees and in special all the other insects, too. There is NO discussion about the facts. Just take a drink filled with glyphosate, and you will know that it was wrong to (ab)use with this.

In my Linkedin-Account, I am currently connected with Bayer and Monsanto. I am working hard for a cinvincement of the people at these companies to learn from their faults and send glyphosate to an unpretty entry in our human history.

Without bees, and without any insects, we are finished, before we get problems with an overflooded CO2 ocean or athmosphere, that’s a fact.


So, now we have to act urgent. Call Bayer or Monsanto, and request and also demand for stopping this nightmare !!! Here some persons I stay in contact. Just tell them what your thoughts and needs are, and what we can do, now.



These companies can invest massively in biological and fair gene editing, breeding and seeding, to make the PARADISE GARDENING project coming reality. We could have Bananas & Lemontrees in Frankfurt/Main or at the Northpole, just by enhancing the CTAG-Compound of your and mine existence, DNA/DNS/RNA. it’s just a quastion to find the switch that regulates the lowest accepted temperature. Theopractically, they could be planted in the everlasting Ice of the South Pole. Yes, for sure, we have enough light there. 😀



We could use the sour acid for creating new cleansers, medicine and also cosmetique, like these companies already have done ->






Bayer is also able to use the Lemonestheracid for creating a new generation of minerale oil plastics, without any harmful chemical softeners, just by cracking and also softening the plastics with the acid ->



Bayer and Monsanto could make big, big money. And they also could solve the micorplastics problem in the Oceans by designing a PVC and PET eating Bacteria ->


We just need to use other materials in the Marine, just like high end ceramics for fittings and also totally new compounds. We have to calculate a loss in currenty material, but we are responsible for our failures, and so we must.



Me, personally, am complete on the biological way. I only use such products, and I am thankful that smarter people than me have developed such wonderful smelling things that are not in any case an harm for my local fresh water environment nor the oceans. No microplastic, no minerale oil ! That is the ony way we have. Otherwise we will die. And all the rest with us.

I also save energy. My costs are about €75.- /monthly, but I use ecological power sources like wind, sun and water. I have completely switched to Filement-LEDs, and don not miss any kind of comfort. but my costs for electrical light are now at 10% than before. 😀


IMHO, it is not only dangerous to use chemical warfare against mother earthj and her beings, it just consequent planned suicide We don’t need any chemicals, anymore. Insects and fungus, and all the natural illness of plants are GOOD for us, they help our world and finally our human metabolismn to evolve (Evolution) !!! We must use our biotechnological potential by designing new varieties, and so we help mother earth GAIA in a much more diversity ! That is the already told SECRET. Diversity. 😀

Just take a look here ->


Agriculture Organic. And everything will become fine. We can compensate crop loss by sharing and helping in a country overspanning process. We just need to be human, end war and fulfil our full potential. MIND OVER MATTER.

This was en emotional impact in december… ->



I currently enjoy an biological honey (local) bread. Still vaillable, but hard work for the little bees. Why don’t we cultivate and breed bees and insects, again, and leave them the perfect environment for their families ?




Thank you.

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