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Hello Alena !

We have to act quick. Urgent ! Because we only have about 42 years, from now ->

Saving the Oceans & the Global Ecosystem:


My plan is to build VLS Evaporators into the desert of North Africa. So we can compensate the CO2-issue by bringing humidity into the upper athmosphere. And also humidity into the lower scale areas for our Green Desert Project. But we need a primary energy ressource.

So what about following technology ? ->

I would personally prefer an undercritical reactor grid allignment, equipped with several little reactor containments (I call them “Battery Capsules”) in the range of about 100g of Plutonium Pu238/239 or the eqivalent in Uranium. We already have them in the satellite technology.

This amount is uncritical and the handling is harmless. The battery temperature exchange could be managed via a small Mercury-Turbine. This would be the cheapest and best solution to stay in temperature ranges under 1000°C.

The maintainment is safe when done from good educated and trained personal. I would suggest to build the reactors deep down into the ground onto the EVAPORATOR site, about 20 km in range or so, directly within the range of the transformer station or short range connected for all the machines and solarcell fabrics that power the evapoartors later with energy.

It is a LARGE project. It will cost GIGANTIC sums of man power and financial sums. But we have both. Per evaporator, we will have to calculate with effective costs of abot 10 Billion U$ Dollars. Not much. Let’s start into the future.




Subcritical Nuclear Battery

CERN and Security…



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