Global Phosphor

Hello my dear friends !

We have another urgent issue ->

This problem is published since several years, now, and I have had to wait until today to tell you the IMHO perfect solution. Simple, efficient and sustained. Like I am always delivering you High Tech you already have developed.

So, how to solve this for the next decades ? Every time you go onto toilett, you applicate PHOSPHORUS and other very important minerals into the water, most times into our public drink water. Why ? Why should we waste this precious things in an so ugly way ?

I am currently in developement of an Household Plasma Seperator. This technology solves the issue in a very modern, cost effective, responsible and highly energy efficient way:

1.) your precious water is pre-cleaned

2.) you save phosphorus and other minerals

3.) you earn money by selling this goods to your local recycling site

The minerals could be concentrated in a powder, that is automatically filled into cartridges. Currently, I try to get technology partners into the boat. They have already the neccessary procedures evolved, and I expect that a combination of different techniques will be most efficient. 😀


Every other technology company to solve this issue is welcome. But please:

Always act sustainable and responsible in a maximum clean and worthfully way !

And until we need more phosphorus for our agriculture, we have to be very spendable by maximum economical usage of our basics and natural ressources. Also we we have to watch population growth, and every person should think about getting more than 2 children and eating killed meat.


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