CO2-Issue of the Global Marina Transport Business…


What we have learned is, that we can solve issues and problems by investing our FULL potential. Not only the half or constructing predetermined breaking points in our high tech products. We have to construct and produce absolute HIGH QUALITY. Like in the 70s and 80s of the last century, e.g. Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Benz, Thorens or Braun. Look this one here ->

This thing will last centuries. I love quality. 😀


Now, we have the absolut urgent issue hat our transport system for goods is shipped worldwide via the oceans, and we currently use heavy bunker oil ->

This ugly stuff is such an CO2-Monster, that we need to solve this quicker than quick. My solution for the Phosphorus problem is also working in tghis case. We need to construct just high efficient electrical driven Plasma Gas Seperators for the exhaust gases. They could be such efficient contructed, that they use in parts of about 20% the heat of the exhast gas and also we can support it by using solar collectors on the ship’s surface. And/Or we try to establish a new electromagnetic spool technology, to get the full potential of already free sun energy like UV. Just a crazy idea. 😀


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