Practical Physics Questions – Do we need a household PHASE COMPENSATOR for saving Energy ?

Oh, just an Idea for a practical way of saving Energy@Home.

If I am right, inductive devices like refrigerators, washing machines, dish washers and any other motor driven device in the household are ->


Am I right ? AFAIK, In an electrical circuit with inductivities, Power (Ampere) phase is running about 30° after Voltage (Volts). This leads into a difference in efficiency of about 25% up to 33% against 100%.

So, if our household devices are not compensated, yet, why don’t we do ?

I need some support to design a little Phase Compensator for the electrical Plug with about up to 4 kW power, perhaps just Conductor driven, or what any other circuit design with an high efficiency over 99,9% you can deliver.

Patents welcome.

We can make some business with my .org or the .com-Derivate of gaia-technologies. Just for developing new technology for saving our WORLD.

Our Planet GAIA. ♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

But perhaps I am totally weird and gaga, and my Idea is Dumb Shit, because all the inductive household devices are already compensated. If so, please tell. I don’t want to die totally DUMB somedays.



My own Idea for a wall plug PHASE COMPENSATOR or s special module for e.g. classic motor driven refrigerators is a little bit simpler:

IMHO, We need 3 pieces in serties/row, of ultra-durable and high efficient INDUCTORS, like that here ->

They just need to power about 3,3 kW for standard household purposes. Okay, that’s a lot for a classic inductor, but it would be most efficient. The inductors could be constructed by a multi compound monofibric filament, which is currently also in developement for another project in my own Developement Labs or by using chip technology and building a network of microspools ->


Steady State Head Technology – Update for an old Harddrive concept…

Any critics ? 🙂

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