Rescue for Icebears & Seals, now !!!

The last days I was thinking about our beautiful Icebears when I saw a picture on the internet where this wonderful animal was suffering by hunger and led to death, I thought: WHY ?

It must not be !!!

We can rescue ALL oft them. What does an Icebear really urgent need ?

1.) Cold

2.) Food

3.) Large Own Areas Without Humans


So, what should we do ? Where can an Icebear really live just like as at the Northpole ? IMHO, we just have just to do following:


Transport ALL Icebears to the Southpole, to Antarctica. Transport ALL Seals (the main food of Icebears) and nearly ALL other creatures that need cold and ice and the climate conditions of a Pole to the south, where we still have the environment. And if the conditions aren’t perfect, we have ALL the technology to manage that things and build/create Oases for the animals with some humus, semen of plants (perhaps genetically modified for a stronger survival in such a cold). We have enough water and sunlight, we have Penguins (more friends & food for our large white bearly friend !).

So let’s start ! They are dying and we can end !!!

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