Too many Deserts on Planet Earth ? Green the Hills of Arizona, the Sahel Zone and the North African Continent much more efficient ? :-D

Hi Folks !


A little project, that I am thinking about since several years in the backyard of my mind… a little Ice Sun.


Okay. We got currently too many deserts, and the desertation of land is going further and further. Arizona is beautiful, but it could be Desert Garden. Why don’t we have it, yet ?

1.) Too much CO2 in the athmosphere. Massive Global Heating is the effect.

2.) Too few humidity (H2O) in the athmosphere. Global desertation is the Co-effect in combination with 1.) – We need plants, even more plant to recycle the CO2. For plants we need more H2O in the athmosphere, for more rain, snow, ice, whatever. We need more WATER, SWEET WATERS.

3.) Too many dumb people without any will to work hard. Lazy- and Dumbness is the consequence. Later Mental Illness.

4.) Too many Cows and Pigs and Hens, that are only living for our current maximum brutal Meat consumption. Global Heating is the second effect. The first one is brutality & cruelty in our Genes will be coded as longer as we do so. We will never get back to the Moon, nor to Mars, nor anywhere but into the crypt, 6 feet under. Or Green Cookies, just as you want.

5.) We have currently about 7,77 Billion people living on this planet. Most of them without fresh water, sanitary equipment or just a toilet. Most of them are very, very diligent. Working their asses off for lazy, dumb and cruel people from an obviously suggested dead dark star. The poor people want to get all the things we have. They want to be as rich as me or you. They want to consume, make money, deal with the others, the current “Deathstar People”, and they just want to  be lucky and happy. 🙂 But They can’t, because they are not allowed to… 🙁

6.) What is the number 666 meant for ? Sex. Sex. Sex. So think about e.g. the Porn Industry, that is only living on costs of the other. Fucking the whole day, dealing with drugs, guns and all the ugly things you can see on the internet… or think about the weaponary industry. Or the Mercedes Benzes all over the worls. Or Bayer/Monsanto and Exxon and the rest of the pseudo elite club. They are all dumb. Why ? Number 7.) will tell you.

7.) You don’t make good business. 😀


Okay. We got too much people, to much carnivore people, we got too much dumb people, we got to much money without any work and wealth, we got nuclear weapons, we got guns and tanks and every imaginable way to kill each other in a most effective way. We got Boston Dynamics. Oh, oh… 🙁


And we are PLENTY. Totally PLENTY. 42.


So, what can we do ?

I have some nice PRESENT for YOU, people. If you do BAD, a GIFT (in German “gift” is POISON), and the ultimate POWERFUL and – for sure, nearly clean ->



An early concept looked like this ->

Mine is cleaner. Yield scalable. From about 7kT for small harbours up to… what do we need for greening the desert Sahara ? How & where do we bring such needed amount of water into the athmosphere ? In urgent cases ? When a very large volanco has erupted ? 1MT ? 5 MT ? 10 ? 100MT ? More ? Gimmemore ??? What is reliable ? This “Pure Fusion Weapon” thing is still ugly & smoody. And it is for KILL. We need it CLEAN. So clean as possible. FOR LIFE.

But this won’t help you, because we all will die in about 42 years, when we use it as a weapon against each other, again, and if we won’t begin to save the Oceans before.




I do call my little heartbreaker project not a KILLER WEAPON, I simply call it:



♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

(And finally for some girls skiing and boys snowy Mountains on Christmas…! Or – what about Mount Kenya ? Love ya, Childrean ! ♥♥♥)


So, how would this very big THING work ?

1.) First at all, we will have to stay clean. If we won’t want to die by radiation or fussion/fission products.

2.) We must act quick. Quick & precise. Absolute & very precise.

3.) We need a fuse and a fuze. We will need take Terahertz resonated infrared microwaves. Nearly the Ultraend of Infrared. UHF Infrared is heat.


We will use an array of Fuze satellites in the higher upper orbit. They have to be constructed lasting and persistent by using solar power. Big solar power plants are needed to drive this pretty nice fuzzies ! 🙂

What amount of energy is needed to fuse a seven kilogram iceball so hot, that it is getting a little sun ?

I am dreaming of a 7,77 meter long sapphire of indium gallium, dotted with uranium, which might get green colored, like someone’s eyes…


When the uranium dotation is done right, it will get the right color and potential energy yield. We also can use cobalt, additionally or as single dotation, but in the matter of purity, I’d prefer to use 3 elements for this QUANTUM RESONANT CASCADE TERAHERTZ LASER


QRCT_LASER, Fabry-Perot style. Resonant by massive Terahertz Induction. With enough power (to fuze an 7 kilo icecore of normal waterice getting into a little sun. 🙂

We will need aproximately about a minium of: Joule


For thue fusion IGNITION of a 7 kg Water Iceball. I am not a specialist in molecular fusion technologies, but the Oxygen part in Seawater has just a part of about 5 promilles. I don’t know how a REAL fusion of H2O is working in reality, I don’t have the simulators software on my Macbook Pro 2008/2012, nor the experience in such science.

But logical, you need this amount of about 205.016 GJ to heat up Water up to 100.000.000 °C. Fusion Ignition Point of Deuterium/Tritium in Fission Multi Stage Boosted Standard H-Bombs.


This is the Opacity of our athmosphere. We should & must use visible light (INFRARED & SPECTRUM) for the Fuzzie-Process, because of the absorption of X-Ray & γάμμα.


We will need a


So I’d prefer to use following colors in our M-QRCT_LASER:

  • RED 777 nm
  • GREEN 555 nm
  • ORANGE 666 nm
  • PURPLE 444 nm

Or we’ll go through with the full visible spectrum and use the sunlight’s spectral charateristic within our M-QRCT_LASER. The Question is: HOW. 😀

Additionally, it might be possible to include some ULTRA-UV within this M-QRCT_LASER concept. All & everything precisely adjustable.

(This graphic is a little bit wrong, because it invert’s the real EMF-spectrum)


We also need to be precise by PHASE LENGTH, to avoid severe damage by a too long LASER beam. The beam must stop innert the IceCore. We must use an ultra-precise PHASE CUTTING (like electrical Dimmer-Technology) to control the beam’s length, by giving the beam a defined scope or range. I’m am currently thinking of a simple OPTICAL SHUTTER TECHNOLOGY, adapted before the final concave lense. I’d use FLUID CRYSTALS or whatever is availlable on the market, soon, to solve the SPEED ISSUE. The shutter must react QUICK. WITHIN ns. Nanosecons. Better Picoseconds. There’s a very High Voltage for the shutting process required. But we have.

Before all this, we need Ultrafast Ultraconductive Ultracharge Capacitors (UUUC). Let’s have some brainstorming. I have currently perhaps an Idea…  discuss ! 😀

And we have to be very precise in timing when it comes to the final ignition of the beams of all

THREE LASER SATELLITES (TRINITY SITE  🙂 ) in the EARTH orbit@777 km. This altitude must be so precise, that all three LASERS are hitting on the same microsecond onto the core, which is hanging under a balloon of perhaps – Ice ? An ice crystal bubble, filled with some very light gas, perhaps… Hydrogen ?

Icybear & Penguin would love this. Because they will get back their neverending winter pole’s. 😀



And I will get my “Winter’s Tale” of Mark Helprin in a comfortable version of a walk with my family along the Hudson, and later through Central Park. With all the Horses and Bridges and so on.

4.) So we have to lift some little mass, of about 7,77 kilo in our case, normal waterice, up to about 1440m above the Ocean for the best yield and blast effect for a very high lifting mushroom cloud of megatonnes of waterdamp.

5.) We also have to construct microwave fences, to get the fishes and all other higher life out of the range of this sunbath.

6.) We also have to be fanatics in real nice fireworks with a “BOOM !”, to get this thing constructed. 🙂

7.) We have to calculate very, very precise the fuzzy temperature of the ignition of the iceball sun. The main fusion products will be Helium and Silicium. To minimize heat and radiation exposition, and so to minimize radioactivity of the radioactive elements, that we wil get from natrium salt and all the other things in the ocean water that we use to boost the athmosphere. my Athmosphere Booster will not be absolut clean. No. Impossible. But it is very efficient, in our times. Perhaps someone will optimize the concept by destillating/cleaning the Target Site before… 😉 Or you have alternatively to construct an evaporator in the size of a quick exposition Megatonnes of waterdamp into the higher athmosphere within about 7 hours. Haha. 😀


The Color Of The Sun That Fuzzies That Sun is Green. And THE LIGHT OF THIS SUN will be RED, like Jesus’ blood. Just ULTRA-INFRA. And some little bit GREEN:


From a multi-mode M-QRCT_LASER with wavelengths of exact 555 and 777 nm. 😀

Oh, St. Nimmerleinstag is coming true. Thank you, Daddy. <3



And, hey…

As an working ALTERNATIVE to a M-QRCT_LASER, we could use real sunlight. Just some bulk of satellites, that concentrate sunlight with the full EMF spectrum. So HOW could this more elegant version of a FUZE look ? 😀


Meanwhile, it should be possible with financial and some technical efforts to build up to three, maybe Carrier based LASER-hosting vessels, for a sea based ignition of the iceball. We will need a very large amount of impulse power, about 70 Gigajoule per LASER within one second. Technically, this should be realized with my little nuclear batteries and some large LASER optics. I am not very familiar with the current techniques, but a short 10 microsecond impulse would be enough to fire up the Sky ? Let’s talk about, Boom, Baby. 🙂 <3

______________________________________________ – digital art


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