Share The Meal – who shares what ?

Dear Sebastian Stricker !

I support ShareTheMeal ( since the first time I saw about the “Company” in 3sat “nano” (German TV) in the begining of this year. I donated until today round about €150.-.

I love the idea very much, and in the beginning I believed to really give a help to suffering children.

But recently, I was looking a little better onto your website, and saw that you are no real “Organisation”, but a “Company”. That was a deep impact in my heart. Today, I discussed with a poor mother of three childs in Nigeria how to applicate my small amount of money best in the “3rd” world. I took a look onto your website and saw your Job offers. That was disappointing. Take a look by yourself:

“Software Engineering Jobs
iOS Engineer (f/m)
Berlin · Full Time · $0K – $60K · No Equity

Backend Engineer node.js
Berlin · Full Time · $50K – $60K · No Equity

Android engineer (f/m)
Berlin · Full Time · $0K – $60K · No Equity”

Do you see the cash you are willing to pay ??? Are you paying currently any high salary to your “employees”, with my money ??? That was not my will, when I made my donations.

It is so sad, that a good idea is corrupted by personal profite thinking. I never would take a salary for my work in such an organisation, but yours is obviosly just a normal company. Just like Coca Cola, Phillip Morris. Smith & Wesson. Krauss-Maffei. BAYER. Really sad ! 🙁

Me, personal, would and will bring my whole performance and my own capacities & properties in such a project, if you and the others would do the same. No single cent must not be used to finance the organisation structure and funds of every single worker…!!! Just use your brain. It would be such an elementary shame for me, if I would act other and take personal profite from the suffering of children and people e.g. in Africa.

You have to think anfd argue about these facts.

So, I want to get in discussion with you. Personally, of course. I hope you are open minded and idealistic enough to do this, and able to renounce your personal cash flow. Give it up, Sebastian ! Only THIS descision is in Jesus Christ’s name. Or in Buddha’s or whomever you will believe.

Use everything you have, now, and don’t look further to get more. You don’t need another car, you won’t need better clothes. You have everything you need.

But an african child in the Sahel zone actual has NOTHING. Not only water.

If you won’t get in discussion, I will take this discussion into the Internet, using Facebook and all possibilities to change the things I see in bad. The world is a smaller village and a larger community that some people know. 😉


I will support the ShareTheMeal project with every knowledge and power I am able to bring in, if you’d listen to me, and hear what I have to say. If you will to be engaged changing things, really !

Just a few words about my person:

I’m an excellent and precisely working IT-Technician. I’m actual minded in nearly every science, and I know very, very much about every known technology and it’s practical usement.

I am a well respected musician. I am a pretty well knowledge analyzer & combiner. I want to change politics and socials by listening to my heart, my soul and using my brain, body and every knowledge I had the chance to learn. I listen to people which don’t have the power to change things alone.

I am looking forward to save our mankind, our planet, my own future, and I am just as everybody else a human being enough to fear the future, when things go on this bad way. Okay ? ♥♥♥

*** So I take my responsibility, now, and CHANGE the world as I am able and how I need to this. It’s the only way we all have, working together. Stopping the insanity. Helping each other in a maximum caring, respectfully, and at least most efficient way, regardless of our personal profits. That is our only one chance ! ***

Working together is not a problem, it’s our duty. We need to connect. We need to talk. We need to act but waiting. We have got all the possibilities to weave the network in the Internet. Use Facebook, use everything existing in modern communication tools, technology, abilities and contacts to manage this project !

Have I forgotten something important ? Please correct me, or make suggestions !

I hope you will see that thoughts in the same way.

Yours, Danyel

♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Just take a look into some of my timeline entries. Not all are free from emotionality, some of them look strange & crazy on the first sight. But, please, take yourself the time to use your mind. There are some links to several official science results regarding our oceans. This might be helpful ! I also have recorded some german connotated science TV broadcasts from 3sat and arte, einsplus, zdf etc., saved onto my servers and youtube channels.

*** Solving the water & hunger problem could not only be the first step, it is the first, and the only one way we should go, because we need the power of every single human being to get the mission accomplished. ***

Dear Sebastian Stricker !I support ShareTheMeal ( since the first time I saw about the "Company"…

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