The End Of Global Energy Crisis – Have we reached Peace & Freedom ?

Energy Problems ? Demon-Core.issue ? To many classic W80/B61 (and the international nuclear club derivates ?)?

Okay. Idea. Quick Solution. Cheap. Clean. Maxmimum Efficient. Safe. Totally maniac. 😀

Transmutation Reactor by El Capitan.

Just rebuild natural Nuclear Power Plants with a very, very low technical effort and cost in old, very deep mines or much better (my favourite !) directly into a concrete, absolutely safe mountain massive, like my Mariposa Mountains or the Dolomites or Atlas, Ardennes, Les Alpes, perhaps Himalaya etc. 🙂

Subcritical Nuclear Battery

Positive FX:

– totally, completely, finally nuclear disarmament
– nuclear trade/charity for long term energy support
– mama/papa will eat plutonium and digest without a big fart. 😀
– 7.32515126e-13 Billionaire Party 😀
– After all, play the Thorium Game
– Heating when it’s cold in emergency cases
– No more fear of nuclear power
– No more fear of nuclear war
– No more fear of Armageddon
– Enough Power for Hydrogen/Oxygen Production for clean individual transportation and home heating systems without CO2-Application.
– Enough Power for our strongly needed plasticfish rescue by chalking the ocean. Feed the Werewolf Man by Chalk. 😀
– Enough Power for Quantum Computers and Aunty Google’s Sisters. 🙂
– Enough Power for Everything.
– We can’t survive without Miss Piggy. Never abuse my Women/Childen !!! Otherwise, my heart could be a Demon.core.
– Finally: Peace on Earth. Planet of Gaia. Love. Vast. Immeasurable. Paradise possible.

So what ? Don’t be a wimp. Don’t fear. Do it. Work. Harder. Hardest. Please Harder.

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