Urgent VISA to Security Homeland needed ? Ask the President. :-D

♥♥♥ My Dear Donnyboy ! ♥♥♥
You are my beloved POTUS@themoment, because there is currently no other POTUS, and you are the one who can help me in a very urgent and very emotional and christly manner of an absolutely basic Love Service for the
between a young woman and a young man, both coming from good old Germany.
A good girl and a hopefully also good boy. Just as like you want. We are German children. Little Hyper-Nazi-Grandchildren. Haha. Starchildren. Of the Universe Of Mary, God, Son Christ, The Holy Spirit and all the other Familiy members that want us to be Lucky and Safe. <3
I want to, and I definately will CHANGE the WORLD to A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL MANKIND AND ALL LIFE ON THIS PLANET. Without any borders. Like my brother Jesus said. He said to me: “Dan, just believe in me. Because of my LOVE for all of YOU.”
I currently have some very good News. I have some useable Ideas. I think so. Because I am a hobby scientist and a professional, too. And I don’t like any dumbness or filthy workplaces or lazyness in urgent jobs. Don’t need to use a calculator to calculate the urgents counts of these absolute NOT IMPOSSIBLE and very, very NECCESSARY Jobs.
My current wishes ? SPECIAL AGENT 777. MISSION POSSIBLE. 😀 <3
Just take a look into here ->
This s my current mission, No. 4 in the To Do list, and I will be glad to talk about that things with you and your wonderful Melanie and your beloved Daughters and Sons in a little restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
On my Costs, certainly and, of course, servently. I own a credit card. Mastercard. ♥
You all are my Family members. My very own german and human Family. My nickname was “Dannyboy” or “Danyel Duesentrieb” when I was a young boy in the early seventies and eighties. I ever wanted to travel to my Dreamland, the land of the unlimited possible ways. Gods own Country or so… 😉
And I was not very lucky with myself, when I saw my Twin Towers collapse. Because, that time I was in an ugly mood, and watched that deaths fascinated like watching  a catastrophic film from Hollywood. my twin Towers were broken, and that was very sad fpr me. I also was very angry on the US American Government and the schizophrene Members of NWO of a new Century.
This is inhuman, and it was not good at all. It was ugly. Very ugly. by myself to watch it like a horror movie. Not great to think about the died people. Over 3000 people died on these horrofiing days in the USA. They died by an absolute inhuman System of Lies, Maximum INSANITY PROFITS and EGOSIM. And schizophrenia.
The 2996 people on this days gave their lifes for ours, and especially mine, yours, and all the others Dumbness, Egoism and Brutality to each other.
We are all Murders in The Heart.
Hopefully not any longer, when we will have a little Chat with each others. ♥♥♥
So, what is our all current worst nightmare ? Right. To die. E.g. given by Totally Global Nuclear Desaster. Holocaust is just easy, but that ugly thing, the hard number of 7,9 Gigatonnes, will be a never backable GLOBAL filthy Way of simple Dumbness and Ignorance of all Love & Life of and on this wonderful Planet Earth. Mother Gaia. Oh, and Her Beautiful Daughter, Luna. What a Beautiful pair of Mother and Daughter. So sensitive. So vulnerable.
♥♥♥ And so very few and far between… ♥♥♥
Be always very, very careful with your thoughts and emotions, my dear Donald !I know that by my own experience. When I was 16 yo, my Grandfather fatherwise visited me in a Dream from one of the other Sites of Existence in Gods Sake, and he told me:
“My grand Son, you can change the mess in the whole World just by your imagnation. But be careful with this. It is pure and powerful magic. Use always the coloured and the white one. Also Black is beautiful, but never use black for Death or Destruction. Always Believe in Christ, and I am HERE NOW and tell you. And I will wait for you all. Because I love my Family. Good luck ! I believe in you. CHRIST WILL BE WITH YOU. ALWAYS. :-)”
You and me could die, when we don’t react, soon. We could die by a sudden death that is not very gentle when you die by a dumb fault.
And you’d die when you won’t have told me, that I am right, my Dear Donny, and beloved Father & Friend Donald Trump. I am your son from good old Germany.
♥♥♥ I dont want to die before God will let me sleep in gently and in the warmth of my Family. ♥♥♥
And we won’t. I trust. And I also promise you. 😀
A little Story. A Novel.
Germany. USA. The Home of my Grand-Uncle Robert Oppenheimer. Father Of THE BOMB. Just take pretty quick look into the Genealogy archives of our worksome sisters and brothers of the Holy Church of Mormons. And my other bloods related Grand Uncle Wernher created the wonder- and abolutely most powerful Spacerocket Saturn V. Am I right ? 😀
And I know these Tools just as good as my pockets, also the dumb of a sudden and unneccessary death before time. Better than anyone on this planet. I studied our primtive and ugly weapon systems technology by simple server hacks onto the Servers of DOE, SANDIA LABS etc. – it was so easy. And funny. We laughed. You also find the very important circuit board designs officially in the free Internet on the Websites of the Weaponary Systems Provider. If you have the money, and the permission codes, you can buy a littly fatty. No problem. The US American Weaponary Industry Complex is just a Fruit Shop. Orange Sized Demon Core with half balls included.
Oh, my friends helped me. Chelsea, Edward. Julian. And some other that would bve happy to meet you and our Family in Phoenix, Arizona, in this little Restaurant. 😀
We are no Terrorists or Fiends nor Foes. We are just responsible young women and men. We are Starchilds. We want to change the world to a better one. To the City of the new born Jesus Christ, now anywhere in Sahel Zone or where you will find her or him, perhaps hungry and thirsty. It’s not just a  joke or a fiction story. It the REALITY and the TRUTH. Trust me.
In my near neighbour hood, Büchel (Fulda Gap), there is a small Hangar. Door Bays open the whole night. Because it is – in our dumb opinion – sometimes very urgent to be able to react quick and to be able to montage this pretty little B61 weaponary System with a maximum justable Yield of ca. 400 kT. Wow ! Pretty much fun for Mr. Danyel Volker Gloser, when he is lying safe and war, sleeping in his warm bed, draming of his Girl, when such MONSTER is bringing us HELLFIRE. You have got no way back when one activated or equipped is dropped. Oh, sorry. Not the B61. They are for the other suckers. I will have to take the new Russian SS61 or the Classic SS27. Oh. Bad. Damn. I missed my Goal.
Imagine following:
Mr. Danyel Junior respective a potential Senior, is using his Fidor Bank AG Mastercard, driving by www.db.de to Büchel. What a finny trip ! You can chat with your friends via the wonderful iPhone 5S 64 GB, and have some very lovely music from your wonderful and beloved Sisters, your Girls with you ->
Nice trip, believe me. 🙂
Arriving at Büchel. Taking an easy, sporty and funny night walk through the winter meadow landscape. At the fences, he just will take a quick sip of clean and Holy Living Water. D-61250 Usingen has a very, very good Watermaster in Servant, and the Water Quality is absolutely Untopable. And now, after the good portion of Holy water (just Water IS the Holy Grail) , a smile will come over his beardy pretty young face of a scientist and security (alerts) expert. 😀
So. Now Danyel just jumps over the fence. Because he CAN. Or will find another solution to get in there. Perhaps the gate on Positon
7° 3’54.55″E
Hm. It will take a quick look into my lock picking set. It’s an easy and nice training. 🙂
10 sec. later. Okay. we are in. Phew ! What a wonderful night. The Stars of our all God are shining and blinking in the Black and Beautiful Sky. I love my Family. Just play a little James Bond Game with me, Donny. And think about what now is following and possible.
Oh ? What ? Only Two Boys, today ? Only two ? Logo. They Cost money. Hm. Let’s have a cup of coffee, it’s late (or early, just as you interprete this facts when I’m there on 2:00 a.m.). Together.
“Hey Boys ! What time is it ? Do we have a little bit more time, when we will go to take a few cups of the very good Vanilla spiced flavoured coffee from our beloved sister Itenis Beyini ? I just have a Pound with me, you both MUST TRY THAT Beauty of our mostly beloved Sister Itenis !!! :-D” ♥♥♥
Later, when the three Youngsters found, that the Coffee was Excellent, and that they are really sympathic Men to each other, after exchange of their Contacts, they just will just take their iPhones and Androids, and take a little time to use the tools of Danyel. Simple electro tools. A screw driver set with over 100 differrent special bits. One of them will fit somewhat in that nuts nuts. No problem. Be Yentyl with Mrs. B61. But get in Gently. 😉
Have you ever hold a little bit copper wire in your hands ? About 7,77 cm ? You just need to bridge two simple contacts on the lighting circuit board, respectly called logicboard. An Atomic Weapon has got no Logic, but simply logical parts. It’s basically an electrical driven chemical explosion to implosion, lighted nuclear fission bomb. Just a clump of rare bare heavy metal named Pu and U.
Battery power is always on, exept you will use your mind, and will be a responsibly German VDE trained and safety traditioned Electrician, and a Hobby Nuclear Weapons Expert, to shut this very efficient, ugly Mother Murder, Little Master Of All Bombs, OFF.
Permanently. And Finally Infinitive Final Finally OFF. OFF.Simple OUT OF ORDE. NO MORE ORDERS TO ADVICE, Mr. President. You are Jobless, now. Oh asorry, Not Jobless. You are a private politician, now. A privateer. A normal guy. A father and a son.
And the Last One is Shut Down in the Year 2019, on 31.12.2019, 11:23 p.m. 🙂 Computed Death offline. Phew. Good Job, Boys ! 😀
Game Over in Büchel. Game Over Of A Risk that NO One, NO ONE CAN RISK.
Calculatly as a negative profitable business. For no One profitable. You currently have invested about 4,3 Trillions between 2015 to 2021. For what, Donny ? For a Nightmare ? Go to the Local Light Theaters. 😀 Roland Emmerich will show you what goes up when the lights go out, when he big ones will go on. Haha ! Fuck hat Thing, Donny. You won’t need that BOMB anymore. I have a much better THINGY For us ALL:
Driven by an atomic fusion explosion, nearly without any radioactivity exposure. With a start yield of, let’s say 0,1 to 1 MT. For the small and sensitive areas, where a quick and gently exposure of high ranged athmospheric water damp boost is needed for Global Warming Reduce or Global GAIA RESCUE JOBS.
And some other good things at the same time. You want to Green the Sahel Zone much Quicker ? SAHARA ? GOBI ??? Oh, yes, naturally, Arizona and Nevada.
Just create a funny Historic Family Picnic Garden of the Nevada Test Site ? 😀
♥♥♥ Yes, Donny. That’s not only possible, that’s urgent needed to be done. ♥♥♥
Come on, Let’s have some fun. It’s just about physics. and chemics. And first biologics. And LOVE.
1.) But before we can “boost” the athmosphere, we have to build some fish fences for the, hugh, Boost Area. It’s nit funny when you are rght into the place. It’s still a nuclear fission in the Megatonnes yield range. oh yes,. It looks really looks facinating when this thing fires up. And we onkly nee a very few ones. Onl yfor the urgent cases.
We will Go NUCLEAR THREAT TOTALLY OFFLINE. QUICK. SAFE. AND PERFORMANT. An easy Operation. With a little help from my Friends. An Old Beatles Song.
The facebook Photo Album of our laughing Faces will be an absolute Christmas Present for Mr. & Mrs. Bombsitter in all the Silos and Submarines all over the U.S.A., Russia, China, and the others of the dumb Club members. – because we all really don’t want be abused, oh pardon, blasted away, for an Armaggeddon, by an Fanatic Religious Money Idiocracy and their schizophrenic Kings & Messiases.
Oh, I have forgotten to tell you a funny story. My good friend, an Atomic Submarine Vessel Admiral (Mr. John D., Proud and respectable Citizen of Nashville, Tennesse) has a funny Option created:
We have been thinking about fireing up a pretty Trident II D-5, just without the Burning Christmas Trees W88 within. EMPTY. Just a Test Shot Onto Washinton D.C. into your garden in front of the Oval Office.
The W88 are currently much too expensive to be fired on Cities with human beings. We have an Urgent Global Energy Crisis, and we need every fucking microgram of the loveley Starbreeded Uranium and Plutonium, what God gave us to put it back into a Holy Mountain, to give us a totally environment clean & safe energy.
We both talked, laughed and debatet about that dumb and totally logical thing about over the lst 2 years in some Skype sessions, and he is in principle ready for a test launch. 😀 Haha. Funny. Not ? Wait. Be patient… ♥♥♥
Current target ? Just a little piece of meadow in front of your Windows. Very small. It would be a loud Bang, Brother. Windows would get broken.
Accuracy 90 m with Mk5 RV[7], 20m with Mk4 evader MaRV[10][11][12]
Ooooops. Hard to get an exact Impact. Perhaps we will fire it just onto the Nevada Test Site, Trinity Site. Hm. Oh. Perhaps with a Demonstration Yield. Just with poor rest of the Triazine Fuel. Haha, what a campfire. We both could have a picnic over there, with our beloved Families, when John is called via your phone to start the party. 😉
Because it will end the Nuclear Threat. Why ?
Hey, the W88 and all the other just want to be Plutonium Pu239 and Pu240 Batteries. De-Cored. The currently MOST POWERFUL BATTERIES ON EARTH.
Very, very, very much energy on a very small room size. Most efficient by a calculatable life time. We can also use the Energy for Producing our totally Clean and Cheap Solar and Wind Energy Power Plants, so we can produce much, much, and mucher, Hydrogen and Oxygen, for the special operated Caterpillars (By (Caterpillar Global Gaia Org.) for the plastic fish rescue Team work Job. So funny  ;-D !
♥♥♥ YES, WE CAN ! WE CAN ! 😀 ♥♥♥
Oh, I’d like to have my good old friend Obama with me. Is it possible to call him shortly ? Thanx, Donny. I really Love you so much !!! 😀
So, what does this little 44 year old human family member danyel (outer space looks so beautiful !) wants to say to his Fathers and Uncles, called Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, George Bush, etc. in the WhiteHouse.gov ? And t all the families of the politicians and rich people out heir in the world ?
♥♥♥  You can have you next vacations in the fisher huts of the poorest fisher men you can found out there in the world. 🙂 Really. Possible. Needed. SO BASIC. SO BARE. AND SO FUNNY ! SO ROMANTIC ! ♥♥♥
Personally, I want to make these Wedding Hollidays. Because I love my woman. Because I love my Lord. And my Brothers & Sisters.
Please. Help me. I want to do this unneccessary boring, but always funny Job of Finally Totally Nuclear Disarmament. Short LOVE.
Last Operation Victims Escaped
Just an 11 up to 12 or 13 ? Hm. 17 !!! Yeah ! Hours Job to remove thecurrent plumbium and before, the Lead Batteries, out of every little Funny Rocket or Submarine Vessel Projectile… Oh, so dumb names & numbers for the dumbest Idea and Financial Cataclypse in History. What has the Nuclear Weapons Program costed between 1942 and Today ?
About 42 Trillions. Perhaps some more. Much more. With all the dumb CO2, Strontium and Kobalt and so on, “Extras”. This plutonium was much more expensive than any other energy driver. It was totally un-nesseccary. Simply DUMB.
Chimpanses with a Cell Phone. Cell Phone Radiation Will Give You some nice Things. Ear and Brain Cancer. Some nice things. I don’t like that. ♥♥♥
Don’t be dumb. Be smart, Honey. Margit ? Dumpfnudel or Käseschnutzel ?
Αγάπη Πίστη Ελπίδα
What ? The current 4,3 Trillions, right into my Anus, oh, pardon, onto our account ???  Cool. Thank, you Mr. and Mrs. President. THAT Money is very needful for our Project ->
Oh, sorry currently hosted and flagshipped under my good friend and partner Phillip here ->
http://gaia-technologies.com 🙂
You are currently HERE.
US Air Force maintenance crews use a overhead crane and hoist to remove and install warheads from the nose section of a Peacekeeper missile during training at Vandenberg AFB, CA. From Airman Magazine, July 2000 article “Peacekeeper 2000.”
When this Job of L.O.V.E. is well done, well, so we will all together have a patience, and then we will take the Fragmented and Segmented Demon Cores first To the Holy Location of El Capitan, Mariposa Mountain Massive, Yosemite National Park of the United States, Land Of The Holy Amercian Natives, and the New Black & White Americans and Every Coloured American Children and Children, Men and Women of Mankind, Animals and Trees and Flowers. Now connected and proud Citizens of the UNITED LANDS OF GAIA.
Oh, do we need a flag ? Yes, we already have one. Created and Designed by Mum herself. 😀 ♥
My Current Leader, The Grand Rockbiter (“Neverending Story”), Mountain Lover, knows how to protect the Core. In form of an absolut simple and most effective natural, supersafe, earthquake laughing Atomic Power Plant. Right within a Mountain Massive. So simple. And elegant. 😀
This will solve our Problems on Timeline ToDo List Nr. 4 in very efficient and highest high end infinity profitable way. We all, whole mankind, will be the richest human beings ever on this planet. We will never really need money or a personal profite system without any borders. Because we all own everything. Every boy and girl will be able to fly to the moon to our lovely “Mondkalb” with the “Skyboat”. 😀 Not only by Imagination. Though by LOVE. L.O.V.E. 🙂
Margit & Rhian. And all my other brothers & sisters. Of human beings and fishes, swamps, mushrooms, bacteria, viruses, animal and flowers, trees.

“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money”

Am I right or wrong, Donny-Boy ? So, take a short time to re-calculate my calculations in the plasticfish rescue article. We only got about 42 years.
Otherwise. Ouch. No breathable Oxygen anymore. Because the athmospheric gas exchange will die in cause of too much Carbon Dioxide, called CO2. Our Evaporatores will not have the Power to fix That when We will further are Lazy and waste Oil, Gas and Coal like the total Insanes, so much CO2, that my calculations will not fit, when we won’t stop.
Stop the money based world. Gently.
Christ is the absolute principle in Gods multi-dimensional unlimited and everlasting, peaceful infinite Universe. I follow his way. Got in his shoes. Got a very little bit of his mental strength, but enough to compensate my current neurological issues. I think I got a potential Anheuryhysma and also some less Neurons in an area of my brain. You can have a quick look here.
I want to come to the United States on Sylvester. In about 36 hours. But I have to get a valid VISA very quickly. Can you help me, please ?
Oh, God ! I just want to have a visit@my first Love. Margit Marx. She’s my Girl. And I have seen her the last time meanwhile about 24 years ago. That’s not acceptable for us both, because I have to say not only “Sorry”, but to ask for her to Apologize my very unpretty Faults and bid for her Absolution for my Mindless and Heartless Dumbness. To be a Primitive Ego. Let her go on the 18.12.1994, 02:xx p.m. I was so dumb. Young but dumb. We all make mistakes. I never want to never make mistakes, and never the same to lose my Margit. When she wants me back for GOOD.
♥♥♥ I will never leave you alone, again. Only when you want to. For You And Forver. ♥♥♥
Donny, just let me know, if you want a interested son of Germany the World and  the States come back to Phoenix, Arizona, down there on the Local Camping Site. Mobile Home Park. Where my Girl is currently living. Can you understand this Yearning ?
http://www.vuni.net – digital art
And please don’t let kill anymore anyone, never again. No Human being. No Swine. No Pig. No Mother Cow Nor A Fly. Not, when its not really neccessary, because inthe most cases it is not. In the name of Christ. You are my personal POTUS. You can say the MAGIC WORDS:
On the Podium of the United Nations Tribune. Hey, YOU can get the Nobel Prize for Peace Treaties. 😀 Because We Got all The Plutonium and Uranium For The Mountain Power Plants All Over The World. We can make a lot of Christmas Presents the coming next Year. ♥♥♥
Oh, just a moment.

ΙΧΘΥΣ – Saving The Oceans & The Global Ecosystem ! :-)



Wanna save your ecosystem, your environment, PLANET EARTH ? GAIA ? Make Jesus proud of You ? ❤️🌎🌈🎶🐷🐟🐬🐠🐳🦈


The Problem:





Watch “Interstellar” in German & English, perhaps load up your copy in your language, and share. This problems are REAL existent, everyday you can see it in the news. You can use Google.



Absolutely Urgent:




Listen to the message. Listen to Hans’ music, Nolan’s film, should say it all. ♥♥♥


PVC-Cracking and PVC-Softening could be done, by simply using following:



+Heat, +WaterDamp, +Lemonesteracid

Parallel washing out PFC and the other damn fucking stuff with global spreaded “Washing Machines” in the rivers . Currently no quick solution., bt relative efficient over the centuries. Cracking the ugly PFC ? Perhaps with a  Lemonester derivate ?


Share The Meal – who shares what ?

Dear Sebastian Stricker !

I support ShareTheMeal (www.sharethemeal.org) since the first time I saw about the “Company” in 3sat “nano” (German TV) in the begining of this year. I donated until today round about €150.-.

I love the idea very much, and in the beginning I believed to really give a help to suffering children.

But recently, I was looking a little better onto your website, and saw that you are no real “Organisation”, but a “Company”. That was a deep impact in my heart. Today, I discussed with a poor mother of three childs in Nigeria how to applicate my small amount of money best in the “3rd” world. I took a look onto your website and saw your Job offers. That was disappointing. Take a look by yourself:

“Software Engineering Jobs
iOS Engineer (f/m)
Berlin · Full Time · $0K – $60K · No Equity

Backend Engineer node.js
Berlin · Full Time · $50K – $60K · No Equity

Android engineer (f/m)
Berlin · Full Time · $0K – $60K · No Equity”

Do you see the cash you are willing to pay ??? Are you paying currently any high salary to your “employees”, with my money ??? That was not my will, when I made my donations.

It is so sad, that a good idea is corrupted by personal profite thinking. I never would take a salary for my work in such an organisation, but yours is obviosly just a normal company. Just like Coca Cola, Phillip Morris. Smith & Wesson. Krauss-Maffei. BAYER. Really sad ! 🙁

Me, personal, would and will bring my whole performance and my own capacities & properties in such a project, if you and the others would do the same. No single cent must not be used to finance the organisation structure and funds of every single worker…!!! Just use your brain. It would be such an elementary shame for me, if I would act other and take personal profite from the suffering of children and people e.g. in Africa.

You have to think anfd argue about these facts.

So, I want to get in discussion with you. Personally, of course. I hope you are open minded and idealistic enough to do this, and able to renounce your personal cash flow. Give it up, Sebastian ! Only THIS descision is in Jesus Christ’s name. Or in Buddha’s or whomever you will believe.

Use everything you have, now, and don’t look further to get more. You don’t need another car, you won’t need better clothes. You have everything you need.

But an african child in the Sahel zone actual has NOTHING. Not only water.

If you won’t get in discussion, I will take this discussion into the Internet, using Facebook and all possibilities to change the things I see in bad. The world is a smaller village and a larger community that some people know. 😉


I will support the ShareTheMeal project with every knowledge and power I am able to bring in, if you’d listen to me, and hear what I have to say. If you will to be engaged changing things, really !

Just a few words about my person:

I’m an excellent and precisely working IT-Technician. I’m actual minded in nearly every science, and I know very, very much about every known technology and it’s practical usement.

I am a well respected musician. I am a pretty well knowledge analyzer & combiner. I want to change politics and socials by listening to my heart, my soul and using my brain, body and every knowledge I had the chance to learn. I listen to people which don’t have the power to change things alone.

I am looking forward to save our mankind, our planet, my own future, and I am just as everybody else a human being enough to fear the future, when things go on this bad way. Okay ? ♥♥♥

*** So I take my responsibility, now, and CHANGE the world as I am able and how I need to this. It’s the only way we all have, working together. Stopping the insanity. Helping each other in a maximum caring, respectfully, and at least most efficient way, regardless of our personal profits. That is our only one chance ! ***

Working together is not a problem, it’s our duty. We need to connect. We need to talk. We need to act but waiting. We have got all the possibilities to weave the network in the Internet. Use Facebook, use everything existing in modern communication tools, technology, abilities and contacts to manage this project !

Have I forgotten something important ? Please correct me, or make suggestions !

I hope you will see that thoughts in the same way.

Yours, Danyel

♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

Just take a look into some of my timeline entries. Not all are free from emotionality, some of them look strange & crazy on the first sight. But, please, take yourself the time to use your mind. There are some links to several official science results regarding our oceans. This might be helpful ! I also have recorded some german connotated science TV broadcasts from 3sat and arte, einsplus, zdf etc., saved onto my servers and youtube channels.

*** Solving the water & hunger problem could not only be the first step, it is the first, and the only one way we should go, because we need the power of every single human being to get the mission accomplished. ***

Dear Sebastian Stricker !I support ShareTheMeal (www.sharethemeal.org) since the first time I saw about the "Company"…

Posted by Danyel Gloser on Samstag, 28. Oktober 2017

Posted by Danyel Gloser on Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017


The End Of Global Energy Crisis – Have we reached Peace & Freedom ?

Energy Problems ? Demon-Core.issue ? To many classic W80/B61 (and the international nuclear club derivates ?)?

Okay. Idea. Quick Solution. Cheap. Clean. Maxmimum Efficient. Safe. Totally maniac. 😀

Transmutation Reactor by El Capitan.

Just rebuild natural Nuclear Power Plants with a very, very low technical effort and cost in old, very deep mines or much better (my favourite !) directly into a concrete, absolutely safe mountain massive, like my Mariposa Mountains or the Dolomites or Atlas, Ardennes, Les Alpes, perhaps Himalaya etc. 🙂

Subcritical Nuclear Battery

Positive FX:

– totally, completely, finally nuclear disarmament
– nuclear trade/charity for long term energy support
– mama/papa will eat plutonium and digest without a big fart. 😀
– 7.32515126e-13 Billionaire Party 😀
– After all, play the Thorium Game
– https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6mhw-CNxaE
– Heating when it’s cold in emergency cases
– No more fear of nuclear power
– No more fear of nuclear war
– No more fear of Armageddon
– Enough Power for Hydrogen/Oxygen Production for clean individual transportation and home heating systems without CO2-Application.
– Enough Power for our strongly needed plasticfish rescue by chalking the ocean. Feed the Werewolf Man by Chalk. 😀
– Enough Power for Quantum Computers and Aunty Google’s Sisters. 🙂
– Enough Power for Everything.
– We can’t survive without Miss Piggy. Never abuse my Women/Childen !!! Otherwise, my heart could be a Demon.core.
– Finally: Peace on Earth. Planet of Gaia. Love. Vast. Immeasurable. Paradise possible.

So what ? Don’t be a wimp. Don’t fear. Do it. Work. Harder. Hardest. Please Harder.

The beginning of a new era is possible… :-)

“Das Tibetische Buch vom Leben und Sterben.”


You can do anything ! 🙂


♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

I’m active in:


I’m just a young man, currently based in Germany, who found the power in himself getting conscious about the perspectives and possibilities to change things in his known universe that are not okay in a acceptable way (politics, social, environment, war, what else…). I’ll try to connect other people to help them with all the struggle that is caused by these circumstands, and I never will get up to save and rescue my own future, by saving yours and that our planets ! <3 I am an artist, musician and I write, record and produce my own songs. You can listen to them on http://soundcloud.com/future_former or http://futureformer.bandcamp.com. If you have any questions or suggestions, or want to talk to me in a philosophical, mental, spiritual way, or about any other things, just feel free to contact me.

I am also a scientist. Not a classic studied, but just like a Doc Emmet Brown and Marty in one Personal Union. 🙂

I want to save my planet. My mother Earth. Gaia. I am also the founder of


I want to fix the CO2-Issue with our Ocean. I want to solve the plastic fish problem. I want to heal our holy water off PFC.

Currently, I don’t have enough support to heal & save the people’s mind. They are in a global psychological disorder, a global psychosis. I need support, please.


Sorry for that copy & paste, but I am efficient in communications. 🙂

Yours, Danyel

♫♫♫♫ ♫♫♫♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫



Already watched the movie “Interstellar” ? From Chris Nolan, music by my friend Hans Zimmer ? You MUST see !!! Here you’ll find:




If you have often troubles with your Windows-PC and need support, please download this DVD-/USB-Images:


It’s a personal edited bootable Windows 10 PE Environment with several Test-Utilities, Backup-Programs etc., also is Teamviewer (Remotedesktop) included in this helpful Software. Just burn it on DVD or USB-Stick for any PC emergency cases ! 🙂

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I’m a very natural guy, ‘though I am an IT-Expert and musician using modern electronics & software to realize my compositions.

I’d love to get in deeper contact with you. Soon. You seem to be exact that type of women I always have been waiting for. You’re surely no fake, can’t be, not by writing that words you told me. I’m impressed. Pardon for my bad english, I’m just a guy from Germany, a small town boy, not official studied, but always been strongly interrested in arts, science, nature, ecologics, politics, social, religion , spiritual things.

I never will play any games with the heart or the soul of another living being !

And I also exactly know what I want and need but also and before what I give in a relationship.

Hope that my personality and my person inself is not unattractive for you.

I strongly believe in Jesus Christ and his message. it took me long to get in this spirit, though I was behaved in a european-christian environment.

For me it is an absolute truth that we only have a chance as mankind if we throw over our profit behaviour and work together. There are very urgent problems and issues, and we have to manage these things. We have not much time ! 30, max. 40 years, and we won’t have an functioning ecosystem with possibilities for life, in cause of plastics, CO2 souring of the oceans, and finally PFC.

I am a guy with very limited financial possibilities. But I have other qualities. And I know and will know to use them. I must. Because not only about the others, it’s about MY OWN future !

I need a really strong and absolut integer woman.

She has to be absolute loyale.

As I am, too.

Currently, I use the opportunity, and I am dancing on several weddings here on Facebook, looking out for the right one. Flirting, talking, just doing communications, perhaps by finding friends, if not the right partner. We are about 7.500.000.000 ! So why don’t looking out for friends, people to support you, and who you can support by your abilities, too ?

That are my needs and wishes in basic.

Perhaps you find out that we might have a chance coming together.

In strong believe that you are a woman/man with the right values.


My favorurite wish to Christmas:

My favourite goal to achieve is one day to dive with my Angel Sister Ocean Ramsey. I want to travel with her through the Ocean, with a pack of Whiteys through every corner of our HOME. That’s it what is possible and needed. That’s Truth & True. We must MUST save our genetical GRANDPA, Carachidon Carachias. He’s the oldest living animal on earth, older than any land living dinosaurs, about 260 Mio. years old. He’s the police officer of the Ocean, he’s looking for any fish and seahound, that everything’s intact in the fish family. No abuse, no wasted meal, everything efficient and for the joy of holy mother, Gaia, Earth and our holy godfather. He’s a father. A grand father, and of course, a mother when she is a girl. 😀 <3


I strongly believe in Jesus Christ. He was a Fisherman and a Carpenter. Not only a John Carpenter 😉 in every manner, but he knew about his origins. He build the boat by heart & blood and his flesh, to sail the ocean. And he was baptized by Peter, in the rivers of Jordan.

Merry Christmas, my brothers and sisters ! Hail to the Lord !

“He Will Carry Us Out Of The Dark Into The Light”



001 (Gerhard Wegner):Er ist das vielleicht meist gefŸrchtete Tier der Welt: Der Wei§e Hai. Sein schlechtes Image hat mit dazu gefŸhrt, dass die Art kurz vor der Ausrottung steht. Ausgewachsen werden Wei§e Haie zwischen fŸnf und sieben Meter gro§. Fotos bekommen von: Linus GeschkeRedakteur Reisen und TauchgebieteTelefon +49-(0)163-4308042Fax +49-(0)8841-489769http://www.diveinside.dehttp://www.taucher.net

“Bert M”, ein Wachhund, berichtet ab Dienstag (01.08.00) taeglich von der EXPO. Er laeuft mit einer Webcam am Halsband ueber die Weltausstellung und gibt Surfern Einblick in die tierischen Geschichten, die er erlebt unter http://www.bertelsmann.de/planet.m. Ausserdem verfasst der Hund taeglich eine Kolumne fuer die “Bild”, die auch online zu lesen ist: http://www.bild.de. Foto: Kai-Uwe Knoth/ddp *** Local Caption *** 00027840
In this undated photo released by The University of Miami, a white shark cruises underwater in search of prey in Guadalupe, Mexico in 2007. (AP Photo/University of Miami, Neil Hammerschlag) ** NO SALES **
epa02212763 A Great White shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is seen from the safety of a steel cage submersed next to a boat in the Indian Ocean, Gansbaai, South Africa, Saturday 19 June 2010. Shark cage diving in South Africa attracts thousands of adventure tourists from around the world to have the unique opportunity to see these creatures from a boat and also in the water behind a steel cage. The practice of shark cage diving involves ‘chumming’ the waters with fish oil and remains to attract the sharks. This has become highly controversial in light of the increase in shark attacks in Cape waters in recent years. EPA/HELMUT FOHRINGER +++(c) dpa – Bildfunk+++

GANSBAAI, SOUTH AFRICA – OCTOBER 19: A Great White Shark is attracted by a lure on the ‘Shark Lady Adventure Tour’ on October 19, 2009 in Gansbaai, South Africa. The lure, usually a tuna head, is attached to a buoy and thrown into the water in front of the cage with the divers. The waters off Gansbaai are the best place in the world to see Great White Sharks, due to the abundance of prey such as seals and penguins which live and breed on Dyer Island, which lies 8km from the mainland. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
– An undated photo – of a Great White shark which can now be repelled by a electronic shark shield. An Australian firm unveiled on March 27, 2002 an electronic shark repellant unit which when attached to swimmers legs, emits an electronic field to
(Credit : REUTERS/Seachangetechnolgy) – RTXL60Q
GANSBAAI, SOUTH AFRICA – JULY 08: A Great White Shark swims in Shark Alley near Dyer Island on July 8, 2010 in Gansbaai, South Africa. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)