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As God willing, I had over Facebook the last few days again a specific call for help, this time the one of a 17 years young orphan from Gambia, Brikama Branch, who tries for several years every day again to get himself and his siblings through, somehow.

Often they only have moldy bread and get cholera, and a sensible diet with locally available staples such as rice and vegetables, and perhaps fruit, is usually not possible for these children, who are completely on their own, just by financial and social reasons. Clean water is only available in plastic bottles for a lot of money to buy and also with the PVC poisons in it.

The theme of water in Africa is e.g. treated here on my youtube channel:


The current cost of living per child with a reasonably healthy diet is about $/€ 5.- per day in Gambia, Brikama Branch. It should be about the same with slight local variations across the continent. Also in my own country (currently Germany) children get from the social welfare “Hartz4” or “ALG II” about € 5.- for ALL daily needs, but mostly they have clean drinking water, sanitary systems and I never saw one of them hungry, not anyone in Germany…

The Internet is also very expensive in the Gambia, about € 1.- a day, serves the boy who currently cares alone for 13 children, including 6-8 years old, as the only way to contact people, to collect perhaps some donations for his siblings and himself, daily. Visiting school costs in this place in Gambia about $/€ 80.- per child per month. None of these children knows the school from the inside.

I have seen the local conditions in video chats with Lamina, and in the normal facebook chat with photos, and I am always shocked to see how our affluent society, based on the exploitation of these countries and their children, has been completely ignorant so far, and almost any help denied. People always say: “You can’t heal the world !”, “Not do anything anyway, that we will all die soon anyway, that criminals are behind it and they only want our money !!!”, and what else – pardon – miserable, feeble-minded, cowardly hypocrisy stuff I heard. From most of us.

Sad but true.

In addition, our industrial companies, which are run by so-called “service providers”, exploit these countries and the people there. They even sell our waste, like chicken meat waste, electronical waste…! So ugly !!!

For more than 30 years, I have been watching the images of these states on TV, or in the news and newspapers every day. So far, I have done not too much more, than donating sometimes a few euros. I had enough to hassle with my own “business”…

But I always had plenty to eat, even clean water was never a problem …! I had the chance to go to school, to study, I had the best super computers availlable in my bedroom for doing crazy things with them (even gaming Sid Meier
‘s GAIA), I had musical instruments for about €25.000 in possession, Books, I had really, really everything I wanted. Girlfriends, Familiy, clean nature. I had several CARS. I have beeing flying with the Airplane. And I always had – plenty of FOOD & WATER.



In order to keep my African friend Lamina Jammeh and his 13 siblings fast and concretely from hunger, so that these children get something to eat, I would like to ask for our / your concrete help. At the moment, breakfast is not guaranteed for every tomorrow, and there was most times nothing for dinner … these children are starving IN THIS MOMENT !

I would be very happy, if you would donate a dispensable little thing, for example, in the amount of perhaps € 10.00 for the specific case.

The donation can be directed to the following Paypal account via Friends & Family (no fees!):


My Paypal.me page:


Each donor receives as a “Personal Thank You” free access to my current music album “Decade” and can download the MP3 files as well as WAV and FLAC files in CD quality. If you are a musician, you get the original Mastered 24-Bit Mixdowns for remixing of High-Quality Purposes.

Maybe one or the other one likes it? 🙂


If you would like to donate directly to Lamina Jammeh, you can do so via the “Money Gram” (http://www.moneygram.com) local funds transfer system, available there in his Hometown in Gambia. The following information is required:


The transfer fees are about 15% netto. A normal Bank Account costs about $600.-… and that is needed for using Services like “Paypal”. Not easy, how you can see.


By the way, Gambia is on the “wrong side of the world”, right hand on Senegal. There is a very little few there, e.g. little water, and even the few things that are free, such as collecting a bit of firewood from the forest for the preparation of the dinner, is now severely punished by the local government.

Lamina tries to earn some money by collecting firewood. But it’s illegal, and when the things go bad, he could be arrested and his sibling could die. Africa is not Germany with a social welfare system or social things of humanity like resposibility.


I would like to refrain from reading any negative comments on this call for help. If someone does not agree with this call for help or feels bothered, please ignore this call and do not steal my time to deal with nasties. I have some more important things to do !

Anyone who likes talking German, English, French or Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, maybe even Portuguese, and wants to help in a concrete way, is welcome to translate this call into the most important Languages, and share the message via Facebook or E-Mail or SMS or Whatsapp.

*** We can only move ourselves and change something globally by ourselves, and only in the community by LOVE , COMPASSION & POLITICS. IN CHRIST NAME. ***

Michael J. Knew This.
Here some photos from my Son Lamina Jammeh and his Siblings, his & my Family ->



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